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Aeldenaren System Aeldenari Aeldenaren Variants Aeldenari Package Deals
Sample Aeldenari: Ayden Hrdaled
Sample Aeldenari: Nyomar Llwydocaled
Aeldenari (ALE-din-NAR-ee) run the gamut of abilities, and many use their special Gifts to enhance their abilities in the line of work of their choice, and thus they are an extremely diverse and capable bunch. An Aeldenari can be literally anything, and their spectacular Powers make them notable, capable, and often times even dangerous.
Compared to other Professions Aeldenaren emphasize unique personal abilities that augment, enhance, and expand their capabilities in interesting and unusual ways.
A player can expect their Aeldenari character to develop in just about anyway they please, limited only by the selection of Gifts the player chose to invest in during Character Creation and how many points they want to split between Aeldenaren Powers and other abilities.
Means to Power
Aeldenaren are born with their Gifts, but their Powers are individual expressions and can be highly unique to each character. Typically an Aeldenari has some defining focus or concept separate from their Aeldenaren abilities, and their selection of Powers act to augment, complement, and extend that focus. For instance an Aeldenaren warrior might use Powers from the Aeldenaren Gifts of Shifting, Resisting, and Affecting to enhance their martial prowess, while an Aeldenaren thief might use Powers from the Aeldenaren Gifts of Deceiving and Rifting to further their capabilities in that line of work.
Aeldenaren do not cast "Spells", they simply have innate Powers that they activate at will (pursuant to any initialization Limitations that the player has chosen to place on their character's Powers).
The Restrictions relevant to Aeldenaren Powers are discussed in the Aeldenaren System document.
Aeldenari don't think of their Magic abilities as "Spells", they see them as expressions of their various Gifts, with individual abilities being merely an application of a particular Gift. For an Aeldenari to develop a new Power they simply must pay character points to purchase the applicable Power Construct.
Aeldenari have no need of an instructor, but a mentor can help steer an Aeldenari in the right direction, making them aware of uses for their Gifts that they haven't thought of themselves.
If an Aeldenari has sufficient character points to purchase a new Power Construct and they have the appropriate Gift to allow it, they may add the Power at any time (pursuant to GM veto as usual of course).
An Extension Package is provided for each Basic Gift, with the Access Talent of the Gift and a basic Power common to Aeldenari with that Gift, however they are entirely optional.
Gift of Commanding
Gift of Deceiving
Gift of Effecting
Gift of Knowing
Gift of Shifting
Gift of Willing
Gift of Resisting
Gift of Rifting
Gift of Depriving
Gift of Stabilizing
Gift of Killing
Gift of Warding
A player can opt to just pay one point for Gifts that they would like their character to have, ignoring the Extension Packages altogether.
This option is not in effect in my campaigns
Some GM's might prefer to limit Aeldenari characters to prepackaged Powers. In that case, the GM should assemble a list with the Powers they feel are appropriate to their campaign and make them available to their players.
In such a scenario each Power or set of Powers could be presented via a set of Extension Packages.
What exactly indicates "Master" Aeldenari status might vary from setting to setting, or even from region to region within the same setting, and overall capability as an Aeldenaren is difficult to measure, and in many ways is unimportant.
Generally speaking, since Aeldenari are not really "Spellcasters", and each Aeldenari's development is more a process of individual growth than an objectively measured pursuit, there is no concept of mastery among them. Rather, they think in terms of potency and potential. An Aeldenari with all twelve Gifts would be considered to have vast potential, while an Aeldenari with only three Gifts, but several high Active Point Powers would be considered very potent.
From an Active Points perspective, Aeldenaren Powers tend to have a range between 30 and 90 Active Points, with abilities with more than 60 Active Points being noteworthy, and abilities around and above 90 Active Points being very impressive. Additionally most Aeldenaren Powers have -1 total Limitations or less; more limited abilities are less impressive or respected.
Aeldenari may use a Magic Endurance Reserve; in fact it is generally expected that they will. However, if an Aeldenari does use an Endurance Reserve they must define all of their Aeldenari Powers as using it, and no other abilities may use it. The Standard "May Use Either Personal END or END Reserve" +1/4 Advantage may be taken on individual Powers if desired.
Aeldenari are limited in the number of Character Points they can spend on their Endurance Reserves by the following formula, which is fairly generous.
Scaling Capacity Point Cap = Total Character Points / 15
EXAMPLE: A Character with 250 total points could spend up to 17 of those points on a Aeldenaren Endurance Reserve. This could consist of 100 END and 7 REC or 160 END and 1 REC or anything in between with a Real Cost of 17 points or less.
Aeldenari may not take the Mage Sight Talent as described in Fantasy HERO for 5th Edition, or an equivalent ability to make it easier for them to sense and interact with Magic unless they have the Gift of Knowing, in which case they have whatever sort of Enhanced Sense they desire.
During Character Creation an Aeldenari character may take Life Support (Longevity) up to any level the GM allows (including none).
Aeldenari have a recognizable aura that is detectable by those with appropriate senses. Aeldenari should take the following Disadvantage.
DF: Aeldenari (Not Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Unusual Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)
Disadvantage Value: -5 points