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Pugilist Package Deals
Not all warriors fight with steel in their hands; some fight bare handed instead.
Much like other warriors these Pugilists emphasize personal skill and learned techniques backed up by physical conditioning. Where more conventional combatants rely on equipment, such as armor and well crafted swords, Pugilists need nothing to be deadly.
Presented below are an assortment of Basic Packages, Extension Packages, and Composite Packages for your use.
Brawler Rapscallion Erudite Introlithic Extrolithic
Mounted Fighting Winter Fighting Forest Fighting Mountain Fighting Maritime Fighting
Command Verbal Sparring Urban Survival Self Defense Guildmember
Monk (3e) Monk (Multipower) Striker Internal Master Living Weapon
The above Packages are designed to be Generic and reusable; thus the Internal Master Package might be used as the basis for numerous different Monastic Orders, semi-religious cults, and individual characters with no relation to each other. Following are a few Packages which are distinct and contain specific flavor; they place requirements on a given setting to allow them to exist rather than conforming to suit the need.
Many GM's already have a well defined setting in place, and will not be interested in adding new elements to that setting. Others may be amenable to grafting an organization or tradition such as those below into their setting so long as it is a localized change and doesn't have a large effect on the rest of the setting. Some others may be amenable to the concept, but prefer that it be adapted to suit some existing elements. In short, check with your GM and be prepared to work with them if one of the below packages catches your interest.
Order of the Closed Fist Hao Master