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Conversion Resource
FROM: Warhammer FRPG
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
NOTE: Some rudimentary knowledge of the HERO System rules is necessary to understand this conversion document.
Obvious Direct Conversions Less Obvious Direct Conversions Knowledge and Professional Skill Conversions Special Treatment Conversions

The following tables categorize Warhammer Skills by the method which they can be converted into the HERO System.
The following table displays Warhammer Skills that have either the same name or are so similar in both systems as to make further explanation pointless. In other words, the Acrobatics skill of Warhammer converts directly into the Acrobatics skill of the HERO System.
Warhammer Skills that map directly to HERO System Skills -- Same Name
Warhammer HERO System
Acrobatics Acrobatics
Acting Acting
Animal Care/Animal Training Animal Handling
Bribery Bribery
Concealment (Urban\Rural) Concealment
Contortionist Contortionist
Cryptography Cryptography
Disguise Disguise
Linguistics Language Skills/Linguist Skill Enhancer
Lip Reading Lipreading
Pick Lock Lock Picking
Mimic Mimicry
Ride Riding
Seduction Seduction
Shadowing Shadowing
Ventriloquism Ventriloquism
The following table lists Skills that have a different name in the two systems, but function similarly. For example the Warhammer Skill Silent Move (Urban\Rural) maps directly into the Stealth Skill in the HERO System.
Warhammer Skills that map directly to HERO System Skills -- Different Name
Warhammer HERO System
Blather Conversation
Drive Cart Transport FAM: Cart
Evaluate Analyze (Subject)
Follow Trail Tracking
Escapology Contortionism & Lockpicking
Etiquette High Society
Fast Talk Persuasion
Haggle Barter
Heal Wounds Paramedic
Jest Conversation
Law Bureaucracy
Palm Object Sleight of Hand
Pick Pocket Sleight of Hand
Public Speaking Oratory
Scale Sheer Wall Climbing
Set Traps Security Systems
Silent Move (Urban\Rural) Stealth
*Smithing Weaponsmith
Surgery Paramedic & either FAM: SS: Surgery or FAM: SS: Medicine
*Torturer Interrogation

* see below for further conversion

A good number of Warhammer Skills translate directly into specific Knowledge and Professional Skills, or a combination of both in the HERO System. The following chart organizes these abilities.
Warhammer Skills that map into Knowledge and/or Professional Skills
Warhammer HERO System
Art KS: Art, PS: Artist
Astronomy KS: Astronomy, PS: Astronomer
Begging PS: Beggar
Boat Building KS: Boat Building, PS: Boat Builder
Brewing KS: Brewing, PS: Brewer
Carpentry KS: Woodworking, PS: Carpenter
Cartography KS: Cartography, PS: Cartographer; possibly KS: Geography
Clown PS: Clown
Comedian PS: Comedian
Cook KS: Culinary Arts, PS: Cook\Chef
Dancing KS: Dances, PS: Dancer
Demon Lore KS: Demon Lore
Embezzle KS: Accounting Tricks, PS: Accountant
Engineering KS: Engineering, PS: Engineer
Fire Eating PS: Fire Eating
Fishing PS: Fisherman; possibly FAM: Navigation
Heraldry KS: Heraldry, PS: Herald
Herb Lore KS: Herb Lore
History KS: History, PS: Historian; various specialized subject Knowledge Skills
Hunting KS: Hunting, PS: Hunter; possibly Survival
Hypnotism KS: Hypnotism, PS: Hypnotist
Identify Magical Artifact KS: Legend Lore
Identify Plant KS: Botany, PS: Botanist
Identify Undead KS: Undead Lore
Juggling PS: Juggler
Manufacture Drugs PS: Druggist; possibly FAM: SS: Chemistry
Manufacture Magic Items KS: Artificing, PS: Artificer
Manufacture Potions KS: Alchemy, PS: Alchemist
Manufacture Scrolls KS: Scribing, PS: Scribner
Metallurgy KS: Metal Lore
Mime PS: Mime
Mining KS: Mining, PS: Miner
Musicianship KS: Music, PS: Musician
Numismatics PS: Mathematician; possibly FAM: SS: Math
Palmistry PS: Palmreader
Prepare Poisons KS: Poison Lore
River Lore KS: River Lore; possibly AK: Specific River
Rune Lore KS: Rune Lore
Sailing PS: Sailor
Scroll Lore KS: Scroll Lore
Singing KS: Music, PS: Singer
Smithing PS: Blacksmith
Stone-working PS: Stonecutter or PS: Mason
Storytelling KS: Story Lore, PS: Storytelling; possibly Acting and Oratory
Tailoring KS: Clothes Patterns, PS: Tailor
Theology KS: Religious Lore; PS: Theologist
 Torturing PS: Torturer
The following table lists Warhammer Skills that do not map directly to HERO System Skills. Some map to Talents instead, some to Characteristic boosts, and some require custom Power Constructs to model.
Warhammer Skills that require special handling
Warhammer HERO System COST
Acute Hearing +2 PER Hearing 4
Ambidexterity Ambidexterity Talent 3
**Charm +5 PRE 5
Charm Animal The character is liked\obeyed by animals. 5
+10 PRE, Only vs. Animals
*Disarm CSL: +2 OCV with Disarm 4
Divining\Hunches The character is able to gain occasional premonitions. Information is usually sparse; such as Bob should go to the river, but not why or what might happen if he does or doesnt. var
Use Danger Sense
*Dodge Blow CSL: +1 DCV 5
Dowsing The character is able to detect water. 3
Detect Water
Excellent Vision +2 PER Sight 4
Flee +4" Run, Only To Run Away (-1) 4
Fleet Footed +2" Run 4
*Frenzied Attack CSL: +2 HtH Levels, Side Effect (Always; 1/2 DCV; -1) 5
Immunity to Disease LS: Immune to Disease 10
Immunity to Poison LS: Immune to Poison 10
Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes: +2 DEX All Actions (Only To Go First) 3
Lucky 1d6 Luck 5
Magical Awareness, Magical Sense Sense Magic (Ranged) 7
*Marksmanship CSL: +1 Ranged Level 5
Meditation Power Skill: Meditation 3
Night Vision Nightvision 5
Orientation Bump of Direction 5
Rowing +6 REC, Only When Rowing (-2) 4
Sixth Sense Danger Sense (immediate vicinity, out of combat, Function as a Sense, Intuitional); No Conscious Control (-2) 11- 7
Spot Traps Sense Traps, Ranged 7
*Street Fighter CSL: +1 HtH Combat 5
*Strike Mighty Blow CSL: +2 OCV with Haymaker 4
*Strike to Injure Hand Killing Attack 1 pip (1/2d6 with STR) 5
*Strike to Stun Hand Attack +1d6 5
**Strongman +5 STR 5+
Super Numerate Lightning Calculator 3
Swim +3" Swimming 3
Trick Riding +2 with Riding Skill 4
**Very Strong +5 STR 5+
**Very Resilient +1 CON, +1 BODY 4+
**Wit +2 INT, +3 PRE 5+
Wrestling Martial Grab, Martial Escape, Sacrifice Throw 10

* These abilities could be expanded upon by taking HtH or Ranged Martial Maneuvers instead with GM permission. For instance, Offensive Strike would be ideal to model Strike Might Blow, while Killing Strike would be ideal for Strike to Injure. Consult with your GM.

** Abilities that map to Characteristic increases in the HERO System will cost the character more points than indicated if they are over their Characteristic Maxima.