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Class Conversions
FROM: D&D 3e
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
NOTE: Some rudimentary knowledge of the HERO System rules is necessary to understand this conversion document.
The following links are to Class Conversion documents for Converting D&D 3e Characters into the HERO System.
  • FIGHTERS: The masters of martial glory.
  • PALADINS: Holy warriors fighting for faith.
  • RANGERS: Woodsy wardens.
  • BARBARIANS: Savage berserkers and primal brutes.
  • WIZARDS: Learned arcanists.
  • SORCERERS: Innately magical arcanists.
  • BARDS: Singers and songwriters with spells.
  • ROGUES: Skilled and dodgy adepts.
  • MONKS: Mystic masters of martial maneuvers.
  • CLERICS: Holy priests channeling the heavens.
  • DRUIDS: Nature priests at one with the animals.