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Metier System Metierans Metier Styles
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Sample Metieran: Reanth Veralta (Grendmeran)
Practitioners of Metier are usually referred to by their Style, such as a Grendmeran (gren-day-MERE-an) or a Selembrin (seh-lem-BRAY-yen), but collectively can be referred to as Metieran (meh'tyer-an), which is both plural and singular.
Compared to other professions Metieran focus on expanding and cultivating their Magical capabilities. Most Metieran focus solely upon one Style of Metier , but some branch out into two or even three Styles. Regardless, Metier is not well suited to dabbling, as it requires a considerable expense in Character Points.
A player can expect their Metieran to have a difficult time of it initially, and to be challenged in their progression by the steep price of escalating their Magical capability, but can rest assured that the payoff will be worth the struggle as the game progresses.
Means to Power
Metieran learn one or more Styles of Metier . Styles are represented mechanically by a paired Multipower Pool and Power Skill combo with a list of mandatory and restricted Modifiers particular to a given Style. Once they know a Style, a Metieran learns to evoke "Matrixes", represented by slots in a Metier Style Multipower Pool.
Each Style of Metier has it's own characteristics and "Signature", recognizable to Metieran and other Magic Users via appropriate Detects. Different Styles excel at different aspects of Magic Use, but in general Metier is a robust form of Magic Use.
Metieran go through various levels of understanding and capability as they advance. As they gain experience, their ability to manipulate the metaphysical Laws of Magic increases, as does the mental endurance required to focus their will. Essentially, as a character gains experience they should spend points to increase their Multipower Reserve as well as gain new Matrix slots.
One or more Style Multipowers and Matrixes are a Metieran's primary abilities, and the true determiner of how powerful and capable an individual Metieran is.
A dedicated Metieran should have a respectably large Reserve on one or more Style Multipowers and a serviceable selection of Matrix slots.
What exactly indicates "Master" Metieran status might vary from setting to setting, or even from region to region within the same setting.
However, as a rule of thumb a Metieran that has at least 45 Active Points in a Style Multipower, ten slots, and the ability to keep at least a primary attack and defense active simultaneously can be considered a "Master" Metieran in most implementations of the Magic System.
A Metieran that has at least 60 Active Points in a Style Multipower, fifteen to twenty slots, and the ability to keep at least a primary attack, defense, and mobility Matrix active simultaneously can be considered an "Archmaster" Metieran in most implementations of the Magic System.
Metieran may use a Magic Endurance Reserve unless the GM's prefers otherwise, but must define all of their Matrixes as using the Magic Endurance Reserve if they have one; they can't have some that run off of personal END and others that run off of the END Reserve.
The standard "May Use Either Personal END or END Reserve" +1/4 Advantage may be used in this case on individual Matrixes where desired unless forbidden by the GM.
In most campaigns it is likely appropriate to place some limits on how many points a Metieran can have in their END Reserve. The following limit is recommended:
Scaling Capacity Point Cap = Total Character Points / 10
Thus a Metieran with 250 total Character Points could spend up to 25 Character Points on their Endurance Reserve, split between the Reserve and the Recovery as they wish
For some settings, such as J. Keown's Age of Storms setting that this Magic System was developed for, a conceptual model of "Ley Lines" or magical flows might exist. If such is the case I recommend putting a further restriction on the REC of the Metier END Reserve forcing a Metieran to extract additional energy from the Flows, Lines, Nodes, or whatever ambient magic conceptual widget is in effect.
I recommend requiring an additional Power Skill, separate from any Style Skills a Metieran might have called Flow Tapping, and limiting the REC of the END Reserve very heavily such as in the below example.
Flow Tapping: Power (INT-based) +1; Real Cost: 5 points
Flow Reserve: Endurance Reserve (80 END, 10 REC) Reserve: (18 Active Points); REC: (10 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Minute, Character May Take No Other Actions, -1 3/4), Requires A Flow Tapping Skill Roll (Active Point penalty to Skill Roll is -1 per 5 Active Points; -1), Concentration (0 DCV; Character is totally unaware of nearby events; -3/4); Real Cost: 10 points
Total Cost: 15 points
As noted in the Metier System Metieran can wear Armor but suffer Spellcasting penalties for doing so. However, many Metieran are better off just having a Matrix with which to see to their defense.
Penalty Skill Levels with Armor can be purchased at the 3 point level to offset casting penalties (but not non-proficiency penalties) for Style Skill rolls.
PSL: Offset Armor Casting Penalties With All Spell Skills
Real Cost: 3 points per level
Many Metieran take the Mage Sight Talent as described in Fantasy HERO for 5th Edition at least at the five (5) point level, and frequently at the fully discriminatory sense level, or some equivalent ability to make it easier for them to sense and interact with Magic.
 This is not a requirement however and a character that didn't take Magesight would not be severely hampered, particularly if they were able to take a Matrix in their Style that duplicated the effect.
Magesight, Discriminatory, Range, Sense
Real Cost: 17 points
Metieran may take Life Support (Longevity) at up to the ~200 year level, unless the GM prefers to disallow this.
Working with Magic marks a Metieran in subtle ways, and they have a recognizable aura that is detectable by those with appropriate senses. Metieran should take the following Disadvantage.
DF: Metieran (Not Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Unusual Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)
Disadvantage Value: -5 points
Learning New Spells
A Metieran may attempt to learn any Power Construct based Matrix that can be fit into their Style concept, and satisfies all of the restrictions affecting the Metier Matrixes of that Style as described above.
In addition to paying the cost of Matrixes as ultra-slots in their MP's, a Metieran also has to "learn" Matrixes before they can add them to their Multipower Pools as described below.
To learn a Matrix takes one hour of study per 10 Active Points in the Power. At the end of this period of time a Metieran makes a Skill Roll with the appropriate Style Skill at a penalty of -1 per 10 Active Points in the Power.
A Metieran may opt to study a Matrix twice as long as necessary for a +1 bonus to the roll, with each doubling of time granting a cumulative +1 bonus; thus if a Metieran studies a Matrix for four hours per 10 Active Points they would gain a +2 bonus to their eventual Skill Roll for two doublings of time.
If a Skill Roll is failed, a Metieran may not attempt to learn the same Matrix again until they have improved their Style Skill by at least +1 Skill Level.
Example: Lirian is a practitioner of Conde  and has discovered a scroll bearing Furious Flames, a Conde Matrix with 50 Active Points. Lirian has enough Experience Points to afford a slot for the Power, and it satisfies all of the requirements and restrictions of her Conde MP. Therefore she is able to learn the Matrix.
Lirian studies the Matrix for five total hours (50 AP/10) and then makes a Power Skill (Conde) Roll at a -5 penalty (50 AP/10). If she succeeds she adds the Matrix to her Conde Multipower, paying the Real Cost of the ultra-slot. If she fails she does not learn the Matrix and may not try again until her Power Skill (Conde) Roll is at least on level better.
Improving Known Spells
As a Metieran increases the size of their Style Multipower Reserve they may want some or all of their existing Matrixes in that Multipower to take advantage of the raised Active Point limit available to them.
If the Power Modifiers of the Matrix are unchanged then the ultra-slot can be bumped to take more Active Points without any special process being required; the Metieran simply needs to pay the cost difference in character points.
However if the Power Modifiers are altered then this is not permissible; to do that the Metieran would need to create a new version of the Matrix using the guidelines for creating new Matrixes below.
Creating New Spells
Metieran can create new Matrixes themselves through a period of Research and Experimentation. To create a new Matrix a Metieran must have enough character points available to pay for the new Matrix as an ultraslot in a Metieran Style Multipower if they are successful, and the new Matrix must be added to the appropriate Style Multipower if successfully created.
This option is in effect in my campaigns
By default, any Metieran with the appropriate Style Skills can create their own Matrixes. If for some reason a particular type of Metieran cannot make their own Matrixes, they may take a Physical Limitation Disadvantage indicating this.
Arcane Spell Sterility: Phys Lim: Cannot create new Matrixes (Infrequently, Greatly Limiting; -10 points)
A Metieran with the appropriate Style Skill and Style Multipower can easily create a new Matrix for that Style. The Player or GM simply designs the Matrix using the Power creation rules in the HERO System 5th Edition Rulebook and checks the Matrix for compliance to the Mandatory and Restricted Modifiers affecting the Style.
Once the new Matrix has been defined and agreed upon with the GM, in-game the Metieran must conduct Research & Experimentation (R&E) equal to one Hour per 10 Active Points in the Power.
The Metieran must have appropriate materials for R&E, which is left to the GM's discretion. Some of these necessary materials may be quite expensive, again at the GM's discretion.
A Metieran does not have to complete all of the necessary R&E in one session, however if they segment it over time then they must make a Style Skill after every segment of R&E at a -1 penalty per 10 Active Points in the Effect. If the R&E is completed in one straight session then only one such Skill Roll needs to be made. Thus interrupting the R&E period increases the risk of failure significantly.
If any of a Metieran's R&E Skill Rolls are failed then they botched the job somehow and cannot create the Matrix at that time. The Metieran may not try to create that Matrix again until their Style Skill Roll has been raised by at least +1, starting over again at the beginning of the Research & Experimentation cycle.
A Metieran automatically knows any Matrix they have successfully created and must pay the cost of the ultra-slot in their Style MPP upon successfully creating the Matrix as mentioned previously.