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Troubadourus Variations
Validus Familiaritas


Troubadourus System Troubadours Troubadourus Variations
Instrument Powers Troubadour Package Deals  
The basic model of Troubadourus can be easily altered or expanded upon for a number of uses with minimal effort.
The basic mechanic at play here could be switched out for some other focus, replacing the Instruments with some other concept.
As a point of reference, see the similar Piedragemas Magic System, which is Gemstone based or the Totemic Shamanism Magic System which is based on Animal Totems
Also, individual Instruments could be swapped out for other Instruments; a Mandolin could be substituted for a Lute, Bag Pipes could be swapped out for Drums, and so forth.
More Instrument sets could be easily added by a GM, simply by deciding what Instrument they want to add, writing up appropriate Powers, and grouping them together. Further other abilities could be added to morph the Magic System in various ways. For instance, the simple addition of a "Bardic Knowledge" ability changes the feel of Troubadours significantly.
Troubadourus might also be used differently in different Regions. This could range from different Instruments being substituted for the same base effects in various areas, to some Instruments only being available in some regions, and even to the point of having some regional variation in the actual Powers that are included in various Instrument sets.
Many of the Groups within Instrument sets can be split out and shuffled around; a GM could make a list indicating which Groups are available to which Instruments, allowing players to pick three Groups from the list for an Instrument set as practiced by their character. In this case, each of the Instruments should have one Group that is unique to it, and two which can be mixed and matched from the general list.
You can always change the name from Troubadourus to something else if you prefer, or have several groups of Magic Users based on this mechanic but with social or "flavor" differences and different names.
Another method for altering the feel of this type of Magic is to create custom Package Deals that are tied directly into a setting. For instance in some settings, this Magic System could be used for "Bards" or "Skalds" or a particular society / guild / organization / college; tailored Package Deals go a long way towards tweaking the base concept to better suit specific implementations.