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Psion Package Deals
The Psionic System is described here.
Found in some Fantasy settings, Psions are powerful complements to any adventuring group. No two Psions are exactly the same and there is a tremendous amount of room for customization, making this a very versatile Profession. Each Psion's personal ability set is a story just waiting to be told; establishing why a particular Psion is more of an expert at subtle Telepathic Powers than at overt Psychokinesis, or has much more experience with Clairsentient information gathering Powers than with Psychometabolic form manipulation all make for great background fodder.
Compared to other professions Psions emphasize inner power. While Wizards need their books and Priests need their deities, Psions need only a strong will. Psionicists trade the certainty and raw magnitude of Magic for a less reliable but infinitely more flexible capability.
Many Psionicists use their Powers to enhance their skill in another profession; such as a Psychometabolicist that uses mastery over their own flesh to improve their fighting ability, or a Psychoporter that uses their ability to bend space to get in and out of places in pursuit of a career as a professional thief.
Presented below are an assortment of Basic Packages, Extension Packages, and Composite Packages for your use.
Monastic Cerebral Erudite Esper Cognoscente
Devotee Self Defense Techniques Combat Manifesting Linguist Loremastery
Psychometabolic Gift Interspatial Comprehension Psychokinetic Will Telepathic Contact Precognitive Avoidance
Imprinting Empowerment      
Psion (Generic) Dutiful Student Psionic Paragon Seer Martial Adept
Psilent Stalker