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Contributions from eepjr24
Back in April 2010 the "Master Effects" database table containing all of the "hero game effects" dynamically served by this site (spells, powers, gadgets, etc) was corrupted by a Sql injection hack. The exploit was simple; the name field of the effects were replaced with a malicious bit of javascript that when dynamically populated into any of the pages on the site that used that data would get introduced into the rendered page on the browser and become active.
Unfortunately I didn't realize it until several days later, and to fix it I had to delete all of the effect names from the database. The database was getting backed up nightly, but only the last three nights were being retained and because it went unnoticed for several days all three of the backups available were corrupted as well. Yay.
The vulnerability was closed, but I was only able to reconstitue a fraction of the effect names from contextual clues and a few independent data sources. I've never had the time since then to painstakingly go through the couple thousand effects missing names by hand and correct them all manually. Other people have generously volunteered their time to do the work over the years and a few dozen of the more obvious effects were corrected.
Then a HEROphile going by the moniker eepjr24 came along in March 2016 and proceeded to not only power thru figuring out the names of hundreds of the effects for "Vancian spells", going back to the orginal sources where possible and figuring it out elsewhere, he also proceeded to apply editorial oversight, making effect write-ups more intnerally consistent with each other, finding some duplicates and merging them, and applying some quality control. Then he started adding write ups for HERO System 6th edition. He's quite the bad ass, this guy.
The corrected effects are too many to easily capture, but the new Vancian spell write ups added by eepjr24 are linked to below.
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Background Templates (HERO System 6th Edition)
Acolyte Afflicted Charlatan Criminal
Entertainer Folk Hero Former Cultist Gladiator
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Noble Outlander Pirate Sage
Sailor Scavenger Soldier Spy
Race Templates (HERO System 6th Edition)
Dragonborn Dwarf Elf Gnome
Half Elf Halfling Half Orc Human
Profession Templates (HERO System 6th Edition)
Barbarian Bard Cleric Druid
Fighter Monk Paladin Ranger
Rogue Sorcerer Warlock Wizard