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Aeldenaren Variants


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Not all Magic in the world requires endless hours of study and dedication to learn and master. Some kinds of Magic people are just born with; its in their blood.
This is the intriguing premise of the Aeldenaren Magic System, but as the idea of heredity implies history, and history implies setting specific details, it is difficult to do the concept justice in a generic fashion intended to be usable for a variety of settings.
The core Magic System documents intentionally leave the origin of Aeldenaren unspecified and vague. However to fully realize this Magic System, a GM should take the opportunity to tie the origins of the bloodline's Magic to their own setting's past.
To help a GM get started with this, some example implementations and variants of the root Magic System are provided here.
Fae Blood
In the World of San'Dora setting, Aeldenaren is the magic of the Haelfinan, an ancient and mysterious Race that are the settings Elf parallels.
Only those with at least some Haelfinan heritage can take any Gifts at all, and only pureblood Haelfinan can take all of the Advanced Gifts.
This simple implementation instantly adds flavor and roots to the Aeldenaren Magic System and is a classic example of adapting generic material to suit a specific purpose.
Dragon Magic
Some settings feature powerful, sentient Dragons with different subtypes that have a unique and powerful Magic peculiar to themselves. Aeldenaren is perfectly adaptable to serve in this capacity.
Further, if Dragons are able to assume humanoid form, then some folks born among humanoid races might have "Dragonsblood" in their veins, and might have one or more Gifts.
Certain bloodlines of Dragons might be known for particular Gifts, or perhaps all Gifts are equally available to all bloodlines as the GM prefers.
Extending this concept even further, the Gifts might be expanded to include a set of Draconic Gifts pertaining specifically to the archetypical Draconic breath weapons which would allow the purchasing of custom and unusual attacks with a similar SFX as a Dragon's breath weapon type; the following chart summarizes. These Gifts supplement or perhaps replace the Gift of Killing. All Dragons should have the Draconic Breath Gift(s) appropriate to their subtype.
FIRE This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to breathing and resisting fire or heat.
ACID This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to breathing and resisting acid.
FROST This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to breathing and resisting frost.
GASEOUS This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to breathing and resisting gaseous substances.
LIGHTNING This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to breathing and resisting electricity.
SONIC This Gift allows Powers with a SFX pertaining to emitting and resisting sonic waves.
In some settings there is an involved cosmology including the concept of various planes of existence, typically with some "higher" or "lower" in relation to the assumed default world of the setting. In such settings it is sometimes possible that residents of the higher and / or lower planes tend to be more innately magical than residents of the default plane, and further might visit the default plane and produce progeny with the natives.
The offspring from such unions might very well have special Powers and / or Gifts beyond those of normal folks. The Aeldenaren Magic System is very easily adopted to serve such a use.
A GM might want to add some Gifts that are relevant to scions of different planes of existence, or not as they like. It should also be noted that the Gift of Rifting will likely be of key use in such a setting if exploring alternate planes of existence is an element of the campaign, which can either be enabling or game breaking depending on specific circumstance, but which should be monitored in either case.
The basic mechanics of Aeldenaren is very easily re-tasked to be usable as a form of innate / inborn Psionics rather than Magic. The GM might want to refactor the Gifts a bit, or not, as it suits their purposes. This could even be taken to the extent of defining custom Gifts by Bloodline with a fairly arbitrary (and perhaps overlapping) selection of relevant Base Powers. This could even be used to do something like the comyn of Darkover.