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d4 (+1 PP)
Psychic Suppressor
Suspended Cop Seeking Vindication
Trying To Make Sense Of It All



Plot Points





Law Enforcement





9mm Glock Automatic: d6

Personal carry

Ability Sets


Suppression: d12

SFX: Supernatural Suppressor: You subconsciously suppress all supernatural abilities in your zone and adjacent zones. This is a passive, ambient effect that you are unaware of and that you cannot choose to turn off, and it entirely replaces the normal usage of this Ability Set's Suppression trait. All supernatural traits, assets, and complications within your range (other than this Ability Set's Suppression trait or the Suppression trait of other characters with this SFX) are stepped down. Additionally, when other characters within your range resolve the outcome of a dice pool that includes one or more supernatural traits or assets with a step that is lower than this Ability Set's Suppression Trait, they select one fewer die to include in their total than usual.

Limit: Suppressor Selective Memory: You are psychologically incapable of believing in the supernatural, and will either entirely block or rationally reconstruct any memories of witnessed supernatural events in favor of a revisionist mundane explanation after the fact. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Limit: Activated: Shut down this Ability Set if asleep, or unconscious. Recover this Ability Set when you awake.

Limit: Supernatural Aura: You have a supernatural aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Man of Action

Strength: d4
Reflexes: d4
Running: d4
Stamina: d4

Limit: Burnout: For two (2) consecutive Panels you may step up or double any of this Ability Set's traits; at the end of the second Panel shut down this Ability Set. You may roll against the doom pool to attempt to recover this Ability Set during a Transition Scene if it was shut down in this way.


Armor: d4
Ranged: d6
Unarmed: d4

Limit: Suspended: Restrictions and potential consequences apply when you are not acting in an official capacity which affects your use of this Ability Set. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Limit: Gear: This Ability Set's Ranged trait is shut down if you are disarmed or do not have an appropriate weapon available to you; gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you. You may recover Ranged when it is appropriate to the narrative; this may require you to activate an opportunity or take an action against the doom pool at the GM's discretion. You may shut down this Ability Set's Armor trait and gain one (1) Plot Point; if you do so you may recover Armor during a Transition Scene if it is appropriate to the narrative.


Law Enforcement [  ]

The Law Enforcement Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: Given materials and opportunity you may add a Complication to an incapcitated target called 'Handcuffed: d8'.
  • Exploit: If you are in your jurisdiction, you may leverage institutional resources to benefit your current situation in some way (GM's discretion applies).
  • Exploit: Gain some measure of hospitality or assistance from other Law Enforcement individuals or those friendly to Law Enforcement (GM's discretion applies).

Standard Exploits

All Vocations have the following standard exploits available to them.

  • Exploit: Augment Dice Pool Result: for a dice pool result that inludes your Vocation trait die, you may either keep an extra die for your total or step up the effect die.
  • Exploit: Create a Asset: a Asset is a temporary d6 trait that represents a professional contact, a piece of equipment, or some kind of useful knowledge related to your Vocation. The Asset lasts until it is removed by someone or because it becomes no longer relevant to the narrative. Write down [Name of the Asset]: d6; you may add it as an additional die whenever the Asset is relevant to an action or reaction. How long it may take to create a particular Asset, and whether it can be done as part of an Action Scene or must be done in a Transition Scene is left to common sense and GM's discretion.
  • Exploit: Affect Complications: if there is a Complication that your Vocation pertains to, you can step it down or remove it from play by describing how your expertise allows you to overcome the Complication. If the Complication is a d6 eliminate it, if it is d8 or higher step it down. Alternately, if you can justify how your Vocation applies, you may create a d6 Complication and put it into play or step up an existing Complication.


On The Trail Of Zombie Daile

You know that something is not right about the person of interest known as Daile Thompson, aka Zombie Daile. You know that you would not have used excessive force to arrest her in the event which led to your suspension from the force, unless it were warranted. The problem is you can't really remember what happened or what she was doing breaking in to...or maybe out of... the city morgue. But you are determined to hunt her down and gather evidence proving her guilt and thus in some way justify your inexplicable actions.


The first time in a session when you locate Zombie Daile and begin a surveillance.

+1 Plot Point

When you witness some supernatural activity as a consequence of your surveillance of Zombie Daile.

+2 Plot Point

When your subconscious mind refuses to allow you to remember any supernatural events or activity you witnessed or participated in, leaving you confused and unable to make sense of your actions.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one


Some psychics are in acute denial regarding the existence of the supernatural, and their own psionic potential manifests as a powerful subconscious suppression of all supernatural abilities and effects in their vicinity. Referred to as Suppressors, these rare psychics are psychologically incapable of believing in the supernatural, and will either entirely block or rationally reconstruct any memories of witnessed supernatural events in favor of a revisionist mundane explanation. Jimmy is such a person.

Jimmy is a cop's cop, serving with distinction and becoming a Detective, 3rd Grade at an unusually young age. But then he had an encounter with the supernatural while off duty, and it all started to fall apart. In the heat of the moment, Jimmy leaped into action and ended up shutting down a necromancer doing real bad death magicky stuff, with an application of violence that was entirely called for in the situation.

However Jimmy became a victim of his own psychological inablity to believe in the supernatural as his subconscious mind revised his memories of the event. Jimmy was unable to explain what happened and was unable to justify, even to himself, why he acted as he did. The perpetrator was released and Jimmy was placed on suspension pending investigation.

In the aftermath Jimmy has started to mentally unravel. His inability to reconcile his memory with his sense of self has created a cognitive dissonance that he cannot resolve; his life is starting to come apart. Being a man of action, Jimmy is actively trying to figure out what is going on, attempting to find out more about the person he "assaulted", and thereby pulling on threads that will lead him into further contact with the supernatural. But ironically, his peculiar condition will cause his memory of any new supernatural contact he might make to also get subconsciously revised.