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Briana Blake


d4 (+1 PP)
Long-lived Wandering Witch
Urbanite Enchantress
Conflict Avoidant



Plot Points





Briana Blake





Aegis Charm: d8

Protective magical necklace

Obscuring Shawl: d8

Become harder to perceive

Ability Sets


Senses: d6
Stamina: d6
Willpower: d4

Limit: Supernatural Aura: You have a supernatural aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Eldritch Gift: Bewitching

Persuasion: d8

Eldritch Gift: Enchantment

Technokinesis: d4

SFX: Enchant Item: You may imbue mundane items with a minor magical enhancement; you may take an action to step up a d6 Asset representing a mundane item that is in your zone to be a mildly mystical d8 Asset while it remains in your zone. The Asset automatically loses its enchantment if it leaves your zone or vice versa, stepping back down; you must take another action if you want to reapply the enchantment and step it up again.

Limit: Slow: You cannot move a zone in the same panel you use this Ability Set's traits or SFX as part of an action.

Limit: Single Target: This Ability Set's Enchant Item SFX can only affect a single object at a time.


Eldritch [  ]

The Eldritch Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: If your Eldritch Vocation die rolls a 1 you may change the die to a 4; it does not count as an opportunity if you do (you should use a easily identifiable die to represent your Eldritch Vocation when adding it to a dice pool if you intend to use this option).
  • Exploit: You may double your Eldritch Vocation trait on an action or reaction in a dice pool that includes at least one of your Eldritch Gift Ability traits.
  • Exploit: When using an Eldritch Gift Ability trait during a Transition Scene you may step up that Ability trait for one Panel, allowing you to justify an action that is normally beyond your capability.

Socialite [  ]

The Socialite Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: You may demonstrate your superior social status sufficiently to gain invite or access to a social event or a person of importance, or otherwise establish yourself and impress other members of your social scene.
  • Exploit: You may step up or double Finesse or Awareness when acting or reacting in a social situation.
  • Exploit: During a Transition Scene you can create a social influence related d8 Asset by calling upon your personal social network.

Skulker [  ]

The Skulker Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: If you fail a roll to avoid detection or discovery, you may reroll.
  • Exploit: You may step up and double Finesse to conceal your presence, purpose, or underlying intent.
  • Exploit: If you are attempting to escape pursuit and are not currently being directly observed by a pursuer you may immediately exit the Scene and thus get away.

Standard Exploits

All Vocations have the following standard exploits available to them.

  • Exploit: Augment Dice Pool Result: for a dice pool result that inludes your Vocation trait die, you may either keep an extra die for your total or step up the effect die.
  • Exploit: Create a Asset: a Asset is a temporary d6 trait that represents a professional contact, a piece of equipment, or some kind of useful knowledge related to your Vocation. The Asset lasts until it is removed by someone or because it becomes no longer relevant to the narrative. Write down [Name of the Asset]: d6; you may add it as an additional die whenever the Asset is relevant to an action or reaction. How long it may take to create a particular Asset, and whether it can be done as part of an Action Scene or must be done in a Transition Scene is left to common sense and GM's discretion.
  • Exploit: Affect Complications: if there is a Complication that your Vocation pertains to, you can step it down or remove it from play by describing how your expertise allows you to overcome the Complication. If the Complication is a d6 eliminate it, if it is d8 or higher step it down. Alternately, if you can justify how your Vocation applies, you may create a d6 Complication and put it into play or step up an existing Complication.


Conflict Of Heritage

You prefer to drift through a life of leisure and whimsy, but the legacy of the lessons you learned from your mother and grandmother wont allow you to entirely ignore the predations of supernatural evils.


The first time in a session when you secretly use your supernatural abilities to ease your way in the mundane world.

gain a Exploit invocation

The first time in a session when you encounter a supernatural threat, avoid detection, and then successfully seek out someone else to deal with it.

gain one (1) Advance

When you overcome your personal preference to avoid conflict to directly help defeat a higher tiered supernatural threat.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one

Supernatural Socialite

You love to be plugged into the high society scene of whatever city you are currently living in, enjoying the art, culture, and of course the parties of the upper crust whenever possible.


The first time in a session you make a society event, personage, or location relevant to the narrative.

gain a Exploit invocation

The first time in a session when you detect a supernatural social predator (such as a vampire) and avoid being detected in turn.

+1 Plot Point, gain a Exploit invocation

When you've become involved in neutralizing a supernatural threat to society and the matter has been successfully dealt with, thanks (at least in part) to your assistance.

gain one (1) Advance


Briana is a descendant of a long line of white witches who for centuries have generally lived their unnaturally long lives while doing their best to protect their families, tribes, communities, villages, and towns from the depredations of evil or ill fortune. Often even in the face of superstitious persecution.

However Briana's mother was killed while trying to root out a den of vampires in London over four decades ago, and afterwards Briana sought a new life in the new world to put some time and distance between herself and her mother's death. Her tourist visa eventually ran out but Briana remained in the States, wandering from city to city. For the most part she lives a carefree life of whimsy, but from time to time she encounters various supernatural dangers. If possible she informs local Hunters, assists their Hunt as best she can without getting directly involved, and collects a finders fee from any resulting bounty; otherwise she notifies Section M and lets them deal with it.

Section M are aware of her illegal immigration status but have chosen to look the other way thus far; perhaps because while Briana may not be a front-line fighter in the war against supernatural evil, her intel has always been good.