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Be At Ease, Hunters

Presented below are the arcs and player characters for the Be At Ease, Hunters campaign. The campaign's activity and adventure logs are maintained on the Hero Games Forums.

Arc 1: The Tears of Tierrasola

High-schooler Joey and the salty retired SWAT Lt. turned Monster Hunter Drew began an unlikely partnership when caught in the middle of a Revenant attack in the sleepy suburb of Tierrasola. After killing a bunch of Revenants, the dynamic duo tracked the source of the revenant outbreak to the Tierrasola Memorial Hills cemetary up in the hills bordering the suburb, eventually finding the Black Wizard Antonio Aguilar in a many hundred year old marble crypt from the days of Spanish rule, using a powerful artifact in an attempt to resurrect long dead ancestors, powerful Black Wizards of centuries ago, in an attempt to return his diminished family to power in occult circles.

Arc 2: Into The Breach

Lucky bastard Drew and his young ward Joey of the Get of Fenris were tapped by Section M along with the surly vengeance seeking gunman James Killroy, and the aloof ritualist Wizard known as Murgatroyd to bravely be sent through a tear in the dimensional fabric separating their own reality from a darker one corrupted by Cthonic forces, which was apparently caused by the misadventures of the infamous Mysterian and Arcanist Miles Hendricks. The danger was unimaginable, but despite the horrific nature of the tainted dimension they traipsed through and the baleful attention of the Elder Things that fell upon them, the intrepid hunters managed to succeed entirely in their endeavor. By the end of it, they had acquired the powerful artifact known as the Heartstone, and killed the tragically fallen arcanist Nikolai in the process.

Arc 3: A Trick of the Night

Having survived the cloying tendrils and tentacled horrors of the Cthonic dimension of Nikolai and taken the Heartstone by right of conquest, the hunters returned home...and were immediately called upon to intervene in an emergent vampire outbreak at a club on Sunset Strip. Joined by three time survivor of supernatural horrors turned monster hunter Beretta Colt, and a lay brother of the Roman Catholic Church's ancient brotherhood of vampire slayers, Jack of the Ordo Sanguine, Murgatroyd, Killroy, Joey, and Drew careened off into the streets of L.A. to bring the final rest to any bloodsuckers they could run to ground.

Arc 4: Qlippothic Philosophic

Secret societies, esoteric eschatology, cthonic cults, and a legend from the dawn of Hermetic magic long believed to be apocryphal.... falsely