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  • Novice: Murgatroyd as an inexperienced journeyman wizard.
  • Competent: Murgatroyd as danger averse academic, thrust into peril.
  • Veteran: Murgatroyd as a more confident and capable master wizard

Most modern wizards are introduced to the craft under the auspices of an existing magical tradition, stereotypically one that refers to itself as an `order`, `circle`, or `house`. But there are still some who are a product of the classical master / apprentice model of yore and learn via a more individualized approach to magic...maybe with some gaps or a lack of standardized curriculum or some uneveness in coverage depending upon the whims or idiosyncratic tendencies of their master...but also often learning some signature magic not in common usage handed down master to apprentice within their particular lineage. Murgatroyd is of the later type, having been taught from a very young age by a master that he never reveals the name of, and whom nobody seems to know or recall the identity of.

Oddly, other practitioners who are aware of Murgatroyd rarely find themselves wondering about what tradition Murgatroyd hails from or who his mentor may have been. For that matter, they rarely think of Murgatroyd at all and when they do, they tend to experience a subtle aversion and file him away in the category of `someone not worth wasting thought on`. This is no coincidence, of course, but the result of powerful magic cast by Murgatroyd's master long ago, and his master's master before that...a spell designed to discourage the attention of other spell casters as a survival mechanism. For this line of wizards has a startlingly significant prominence in Hermetic history and have guarded a secret of shocking consequence for centuries. Unfortunately, Murgatroyd's master disappeared while Murgatroyd was still but a Journeyman and his training was incomplete...he does not know how to maintain the arcane anonymity that has protected him and his forbearers and the effect is unraveling due to both the weakening of time and unwanted attention that Murgatroyd accidentally brought upon himself via a critical misstep.

This is a very bad thing, both for the secret Murgatroyd safeguards and also his continued survival. A mounting concern verging into fear has forced Murgatroyd to make significant changes in his normally reclusive and academic existence. With a lack of options and running out of time, he finally hit upon the desperate strategem to curate a team of Hunters as allies...for who better to help fend off the supernatural doom Murgatroyd knows will soon descend upon him? So far his plan is working; under the pretense of co-founding a company specializing in off-book Supernatural troubleshooting he has inveigled a handful of capable colleagues to remain in close proximity.