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Beretta Colt


  • Novice: Beretta as a determined but naive sorority girl.
  • Competent: Beretta as a sadder but wiser survivor of two supernatural events.
  • Veteran: Beretta as a three time Final Girl turned professional monster hunter.

Beretta is the daughter of a former pro football cheerleader. Mom was forced to "retire" after an injury and returned home to marry her high school sweetheart, and Beretta inherited the full measure of her mother's shapely figure plus a headful of dreams about following in her mother's footsteps and making it big as a NFL cheerleader.

Beretta had just finished her third year of college on a cheerleading scholarship when she suffered her first brush with the Supernatural World, while working for the first time as a counselor at a summer cheerleader training camp for high school girls.

What she did not yet know was that a creepy wannabe necromancer who had been rejected by one of Beretta's fellow counselors had set upon a gruesome path of revenge. The crazed spellcaster raised up several animated corpses from an abandoned cemetary just a few miles away from the camp and sent them to attack! A night of terror ensued as screaming young women ran around hysterically and died horrifically one by one.

Except for Beretta, who had found that some of her father's seemingly random and odd advice that had accumulated in a dusty corner of her mind over the years actually had some pratical benefit. Following her instincts she managed to escape, evade, and hide throughout most of the ordeal, finally ending the threat by surprising the necromancer and stabbing him with a butcher knife taken from the kitchen. Beretta desperately gutted the miserable bastard moments before being set upon by shambling body guards. With the reanimator slain, his decayed meat puppets fell to the ground one by one.

This was Beretta's first time being a Final Girl. It would not be her last.

After surviving what was undoubtedly a zombie outbreak, despite the strong urging of two Federal agents who eventually showed up and took charge that she was mistaken and should definitely keep her mouth shut. Beretta grudgingly bit her tongue, finished her last year of college, and graduated. She even met a guy along the way and started to think that maybe she had different ambitions than becoming an NFL cheerleader afterall. He proposed and she said yes...maybe a little eager to get on with her life and forget the horrific event she had survived and never spoken of thereafter.

She, her new fiance, and their circle of closest college friends all went on a trip together after graduation, one last hurrah before starting to look for jobs or pursuing graduate school ambitions. The lakehouse they booked online was charming and the first couple of days and nights were bittersweet fun. Then a crazed slasher with what Beretta eventually concluded was a magical dagger began picking them off one by one like something out of a horror movie.

Beretta survived long after the others had fallen to the evil blade and a desperate day of hide and seek in the woods around the lake ended with her laying a trap for the psychotic murderer, terminating his miserable existence with repeated applications of a crowbar to the head, and becoming the Final Girl once more.

A few months after the slasher incident, Beretta was back to living with her parents while looking for work...only to get caught up in a vampire outbreak when a freshly turned former friend from high school killed Beretta's parents and then tried to sink fangs into her own lovely pale neck! Beretta managed to avoid dying and to kill the supernatural threat yet again. She had pulled a Final Girl hat trick, three for three.

This time, when the Feds arrived to cover everything up, Beretta was in no mood to play along. Enough was enough! Virtually all of her college friends, her fiance, and now her parents were all dead...she demanded answers as to just what the hell was going on with the world that such things existed and the government was apparently covering it up. The two Feds, who she came to understand were Section M Agents, officially read Beretta in and gave her 'the Talk'.

In the days and weeks that followed Beretta used the money from her parents life insurance and eventually Bounty money she now knew she could claim from her three run ins with hostile supernaturals that died by her hand, Beretta invested in training and equipping herself and embarked on the life of a professional hunter of monsters and had some small successes.

Meanwhile, word apparently got around that some cheerleader who wasn't even 'in the know' had been wracking up kills, including a mono y mono vampire slaying. SAIC Harker reached out directly and after some vetting offered to take Beretta under his wing and train her up a bit if she'd join a small crew of vampire slayers he was putting together to root out some leeches infesting Los Angeles. Beretta jumped at the chance and got a lot of experience fast, running fast and loose and very under the radar with Harker's band of hitters.

However despite a lot of quiet successes, the entire enterprise ended badly with angry vampires overrunning a hidden Section M facility in Riverside California, the escape of several incarcerated supernaturals, great loss of life among tactical agents, substantial property damage, and ultimately the shuttering of the entire facility.

Despite that Beretta dodged any stink from the incident and accounted for herself very well, saving the life of the facility chief. She and one of the other members of the crew called Jack landed ok in the aftermath, joining up with a small group of up and coming hunters with a recent string of successes under their belt.

The next thing Beretta knew, she was caught up in some unlikely business scheme cooked up by Murgatroyd and Killroy, quietly offering a variety of esoteric and extermination services to those 'in the know' who wanted discreet or direct handling of their supernatural problems. Beretta isn't entirely on board with the whole idea...she wants to hunt and kill monsters, not run a lemonade stand. Still, they do seem to run afoul of a lot of supernatural shenanigans that need shooting. So for now she's waiting and seeing.