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  • Novice: Joey as a child, adopted to a happy home, supernatural but unware of it.
  • Competent: Joey as a highschool senior, thrust by happenstance into the middle of a horde of Revenants terrorizing Joey's neighborhood.
  • Veteran: Joey as an promising young hunter, fresh out of training at the FBI Academy.

Joey was introduced to the Supernatural world quite by accident, when a Black Wizard attempted to resurrect long dead ancestors buried in the local cemetary of Joey's suburban neighborhood...built upon the site of a historical Ranchero of Spanish Colonial times. An experienced Hunter, Drew Altman "coincidentally" happened to be at the same coffee shop waiting on an online date to show up (nothing is truly coincidental where the lucky Mr. Altman is concerned). The unlikely duo...hardened SWAT officer and immature teenager...proved to be a surprisingly effective combination, and working together they found the Black Wizard, beat him into submission, and turned him over to the authorities...ending the waves of Revenants attacking the suburban homes of Tierrasola.

Sadly, Joey's house was one of the many overrun by zombies and his surrogate parents were killed. Despite his gruff demeanor and churlishness, in the aftermath Drew let Joey sleep on his couch long enough to finish highschool and wait for the slow wheels of bureaucracy to grind out Joey's check for his share of the bounty on taking down the Black Wizard and ending the Revenant attack. Joey graduated high school a couple of months later, but was still waiting on his check before deciding what to do next, when he and Drew recieved an invitation from Section M to take on a special mission along with a couple of other Hunters from other parts of the country...step through a rift between their own dimention into a darker one in the midst of being assimilated by Cthonic entities, find a powerful artifact and either destroy it or bring it back, and survive long enough to get extracted to return home. The prize: $1,000,000 to each survivor...a nearly unheard of bounty for a single contract.

Drew, Joey, and their new allies the grim sniper Killroy and the bookish wizard Murgatroyd, accepted the contract and soon found themselves in a horribly corrupted place populated by tentacular monstrosities. Despite his youth and the older hunters' concerns that he would be a liability, he proved his worth several times over and acquited himself very well. Immediately following that harrowing adventure, he and his new compatriots jumped into action to contain a vampire outbreak in Los Angeles which led him afoul of a powerful secret society of vampires who now want Joey and his pals dead. Maybe he has a future as a Hunter or maybe he'll get scratched off by one of the growing list of enemies he is making...time will tell.