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Beretta Colt


d4 (+1 PP)
Professional Monster Hunter
Cursed With Beauty
Danger Magnet



Plot Points





Monster Hunter
Beretta Colt





Credentials: d8

FBI Consultant credentials

Mustang: d8

Bad-ass supercharged Shelby

Daddy's Pistols: d8

Tricked out heirloom pistols

Ability Sets

Final Girl

Leaping: d6
Persuasion: d6
Reflexes: d8
Durability: d6
Willpower: d6

SFX: Dolled Up: If you have access to makeup and clothing and have the opportunity to apply it, you may put a d6 Asset into play on yourself with a name appropriate to your current look. You may use this Asset in any dice pool where you can justify how your current clothing and appearance might help you.

SFX: Scrappy: When making a reaction roll that includes this Ability Set's Durability trait, if you are not encumbered and can move around you may also add this Ability Set's Reflexes trait to your dice pool.

SFX: Acrobatic: When you make a reaction roll against a physical attack you may add this Ability Set's Leaping trait to your dice pool. If successful, you may reposition yourself anywhere within range of your Leaping.

Armed And Very Dangerous

Ranged: d8

SFX: Deadly Shot: On a successful Ranged attack that inflicts Body damage you may step up the effect die.

SFX: Pistol Specialist: You are specialized in the use of Pistols; you may step up and double Ranged when using such a weapon and must step down Ranged when using any other sort of weapon.

Limit: Gear: This Ability Set's traits are shut down if one or more items of gear are unavailable or rendered inoperable; gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you. You may recover traits shut down in this way when it is appropriate to the narrative; this may require you to activate an opportunity or take an action against the doom pool at the GM's discretion.

Infused with Godling Blood

Senses: d6
Stamina: d8
Warding: d6

SFX: Regeneration: When you are at d12 Body Stress and have some Body Trauma, you may continue to take actions if the Body Trauma step is not higher than this Ability Set's Stamina trait. At the start of each round of an Action Scene, any Body Stress and / or Body Trauma you have is automatically stepped down. During a Transition Scene, you may spend one (1) Plot Point to clear both your Body Stress and / or Body Trauma.

Limit: Supernatural Aura: You have a supernatural aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Limit: Enraged: If you have suffered d6 or more Body or Ego Trauma, the GM may spend 1d12 from the doom pool to take control of your character (for a minimum of one Panel) until either the Scene ends or your character is stressed out or your character's Trauma is reduced below a d6, at which point control of the character returns to you. If this occurs all player characters sharing the Scene gain one (1) Advance at the end of the Scene.


Athlete [  ]

The Athlete Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: You may step up or double Finesse for one action or reaction.
  • Exploit: You may regroup and get your head back in the game; step down your Body and Ego Stress.
  • Exploit: You may reroll your dice pool when attempting something where athleticism applies.

Survivor [  ]

The Survivor Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: You may step up and double Awareness when taking an action or reaction related to not being surprised.
  • Exploit: You may step up and double Finesse on reactions to avoid detection or harm; if you do you may include an additional die in your total.
  • Exploit: If you are attempting to hide from something potentially harmful and fail a roll to avoid detection, you may reroll.

Monster Hunter [  ]

The Monster Hunter Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access to materials, during a Transition Scene you may acquire specialized ammunition or weapons useful for harming the kind of monster you are currently going after. You gain a Asset such as 'Special Ammo: d8' or 'Blessed Stakes: d8' or 'BFG: d8' (etc); you can give this Asset to someone else.
  • Exploit: You may avoid taking Stress from a single supernatural attack.
  • Exploit: You may step up and double Smarts for a single action when trying to investigate a supernatural crime scene or situation.

Connected [  ]

The Connected Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access to one or more contacts and opportunity, during a Transition Scene you may acquire an appropriate d8 Asset of some kind (GM's discretion applies); you can give this Asset to someone else to use.
  • Exploit: With access and opportunity, if you are able to get in touch with a contact you may call in a favor of some kind (GM's discretion applies).
  • Exploit: Spend a Transition Scene to gain a d6 Tier minion or up to three d4 Tier minions for use in the next Action Scene (GM's discretion applies).

Standard Exploits

All Vocations have the following standard exploits available to them.

  • Exploit: Augment Dice Pool Result: for a dice pool result that inludes your Vocation trait die, you may either keep an extra die for your total or step up the effect die.
  • Exploit: Create a Asset: a Asset is a temporary d6 trait that represents a professional contact, a piece of equipment, or some kind of useful knowledge related to your Vocation. The Asset lasts until it is removed by someone or because it becomes no longer relevant to the narrative. Write down [Name of the Asset]: d6; you may add it as an additional die whenever the Asset is relevant to an action or reaction. How long it may take to create a particular Asset, and whether it can be done as part of an Action Scene or must be done in a Transition Scene is left to common sense and GM's discretion.
  • Exploit: Affect Complications: if there is a Complication that your Vocation pertains to, you can step it down or remove it from play by describing how your expertise allows you to overcome the Complication. If the Complication is a d6 eliminate it, if it is d8 or higher step it down. Alternately, if you can justify how your Vocation applies, you may create a d6 Complication and put it into play or step up an existing Complication.


Section M Special Asset

You proved yourself as a Monster Hunter, with great distinction, including a stint working on a special vampire hunting team under the tutelage of SAIC Harker. Your hard work and dedication was recognized by the brass and you were offered the opportunity to become a Special Asset for the Bureau. You are determined to not screw it up.


The first time in a session you are able to use your Section M credentials to help with local law enforcement or unallied Monster Hunters.

gain a Exploit invocation

The first time you are directly contacted by Section M to help them with a case or special situation.

gain one (1) Advance

When you are essential to the successful conclusion of a significant case or special situation Section M requested your assistance on.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one

Croftian Woman of Action

You've seen and survived a lot of things by now, things that have left other more experienced Monster Hunters dead or worse. You charge in where others fear to tread, and you always seem to come out relatively unscathed. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's skill, maybe it's both. Either way you'll take it...whatever works.


The first time in a session you push back at someone disparaging you due to your gender or age.

+1 Plot Point

The first time in a session when you leave your allies behind to take the fight directly to a supernatural threat.

+1 Plot Point

The first time in a session when you act first in a combat Scene with a successful attack against a supernatural threat.

gain a Exploit invocation


This time, when the Feds arrived to cover everything up, Beretta was in no mood to play along. Enough was enough! Virtually all of her college friends, her fiance, and now her parents were all dead...she demanded answers as to just what the hell was going on with the world that such things existed and the government was apparently covering it up. The two Feds, who she came to understand were Section M Agents, officially read Beretta in and gave her 'the Talk'.

In the days and weeks that followed Beretta used the money from her parents life insurance and eventually Bounty money she now knew she could claim from her three run ins with hostile supernaturals that died by her hand, Beretta invested in training and equipping herself and embarked on the life of a professional hunter of monsters and had some small successes.

Meanwhile, word apparently got around that some cheerleader who wasn't even 'in the know' had been wracking up kills, including a mono y mono vampire slaying. SAIC Harker reached out directly and after some vetting offered to take Beretta under his wing and train her up a bit if she'd join a small crew of vampire slayers he was putting together to root out some leeches infesting Los Angeles. Beretta jumped at the chance and got a lot of experience fast, running fast and loose and very under the radar with Harker's band of hitters.

However despite a lot of quiet successes, the entire enterprise ended badly with angry vampires overrunning a hidden Section M facility in Riverside California, the escape of several incarcerated supernaturals, great loss of life among tactical agents, substantial property damage, and ultimately the shuttering of the entire facility.

Despite that Beretta dodged any stink from the incident and accounted for herself very well, saving the life of the facility chief. She and one of the other members of the crew called Jack landed ok in the aftermath, joining up with a small group of up and coming hunters with a recent string of successes under their belt.

The next thing Beretta knew, she was caught up in some unlikely business scheme cooked up by Murgatroyd and Killroy, quietly offering a variety of esoteric and extermination services to those 'in the know' who wanted discreet or direct handling of their supernatural problems. Beretta isn't entirely on board with the whole idea...she wants to hunt and kill monsters, not run a lemonade stand. Still, they do seem to run afoul of a lot of supernatural shenanigans that need shooting. So for now she's waiting and seeing.