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d4 (+1 PP)
Unlikely Monster Hunter
Tenacious Daemonsoul
The Last In Line



Plot Points





Monster Hunter





Credentials: d6

FBI Consultant credentials

Muscle Car: d8

1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Ability Sets

Daemonsouled Singer

Strength: d8
Voice: d10
Durability: d6
Fortitude: d6
Willpower: d6

Limit: Intimidation: When using Voice as if it is Persuasion, you may only use it to coerce others by intimidating or menacing them.

Limit: Feral Personality: When dealing with normal people in social situations you must choose the two lowest rolling dice for your total, unless you are using Violence in your dice pool.

Limit: Daemonic Aura: You have a supernatural daemonic aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Limit: Draimaniel: If you have suffered d6 or more Ego Trauma, the GM may spend 1d12 from the doom pool to take control of your character until your character's Ego Trauma is removed, at which point control of the character returns to you. If this occurs all player characters sharing a Scene with you gain one (1) Advance at the end of the Scene.


Entertainer [  ]

The Entertainer Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: If there is any reasonable chance at all that you might know of it, you may perfectly recall and perform a complex song, tale, scene, poem, routine, etc on demand so wonderfully that most witnesses will remember it until the end of their days.
  • Exploit: You may perform for a group of people who may all step down Ego Stress or Ego Trauma at the conclusion of your performance.
  • Exploit: You may demonstrate your skills sufficiently to gain employment for an event or a venue.
  • Signature Exploit: You may belt out a heavy metal verse or chorus for a group of people who all take d8 Ego Stress after listening to your performance for a panel; those with Fortitude, Psyche, Warding, or Willpower of d8 or higher are unaffected.

Driver [  ]

The Driver Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access and opportunity, during a Transition Scene you may acquire a vehicle suitable to your current needs. You gain the Asset 'Vehicle: d8'; you can give this Asset to someone else to use.
  • Exploit: If you are driving, you may step up and double Finesse for purposes of handling a vehicle on an action or reaction roll.
  • Exploit: If you are driving you may avoid wrecking, losing control, or having your vehicle fail due to mechanical issues in a given Scene.

Monster Hunter [  ]

The Monster Hunter Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access to materials, during a Transition Scene you may acquire specialized ammunition or weapons useful for harming the kind of monster you are currently going after. You gain a Asset such as 'Special Ammo: d8' or 'Blessed Stakes: d8' or 'BFG: d8' (etc); you can give this Asset to someone else.
  • Exploit: You may avoid taking Stress from a single supernatural attack.
  • Exploit: You may step up and double Smarts for a single action when trying to investigate a supernatural crime scene or situation.

Standard Exploits

All Vocations have the following standard exploits available to them.

  • Exploit: Augment Dice Pool Result: for a dice pool result that inludes your Vocation trait die, you may either keep an extra die for your total or step up the effect die.
  • Exploit: Create a Asset: a Asset is a temporary d6 trait that represents a professional contact, a piece of equipment, or some kind of useful knowledge related to your Vocation. The Asset lasts until it is removed by someone or because it becomes no longer relevant to the narrative. Write down [Name of the Asset]: d6; you may add it as an additional die whenever the Asset is relevant to an action or reaction. How long it may take to create a particular Asset, and whether it can be done as part of an Action Scene or must be done in a Transition Scene is left to common sense and GM's discretion.
  • Exploit: Affect Complications: if there is a Complication that your Vocation pertains to, you can step it down or remove it from play by describing how your expertise allows you to overcome the Complication. If the Complication is a d6 eliminate it, if it is d8 or higher step it down. Alternately, if you can justify how your Vocation applies, you may create a d6 Complication and put it into play or step up an existing Complication.


Eerie and Unsettling

Normal people tend to be very uncomfortable around you and it is not because of your size or faded black metal tee shirts or wild hair or unkempt appearance. It is the almost palpable aura of energetic not-rightness that seems to radiate outwards from you like air from a vent, raising small hairs and hackles, whispering a warning to more primitive...more primal senses of self-preservation.


The first time in a session you freak out the normies with your unfiltered Metal As Fuck demeanor and unsettling presense.

+1 Plot Point

The first time in a session you overcome the severe social difficulties you engender and manage to get something done without making a scene or resorting to violence or the power of your daemonic Voice.

+1 Plot Point, remove the highest die from the doom pool

When you manage to do something heroic and win the respect or at least continued forbearance of other Hunters who distrust your daemonic nature.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one

Sing Me A Song You're A Singer

You were once an up and coming metal musician known for your powerful heavy metal voice and even though life has robbed you of your dream of making it big on the scene, your love of rock music never died and if anything your voice is even better than it ever was. It would be WRONG to deny people the privilege of hearing it.


The first time in a session you incorporate some metal or hard rock lyrics or historical trivia into the narrative.

+1 Plot Point

The first time in a session you are able to roar into or out of a Scene in your Trans Am with the radio blasting, singing along at the top of your lungs.

gain a Exploit invocation

The first time in a session you belt out the lyrics of a legit horns in the air hard rock or metal song when using your Voice to affect one or more other characters and succeed.

gain one (1) Advance


Sex, drugs, rock n roll, and fucking "A" anarchy... that's what drew Cyrus into the Heavy Metal business years ago. His band, the No Screaming Eagleshits, was doing well and a real record deal was just a few gigs around the corner. Unfortunately Cyrus got involved with a dark haired groupie chick called Molly who was (among other quirks) into the occult and some other weird shit...but she was so damn hot who cared? Cyrus participated in some silly rituals with her fucking so-called coven in the pursuit of getting laid.

As it turned out though, her coven wasn't the bunch of fucking morons Cyrus took them for...they were messing around with real shit. Too bad for Cyrus the head of the coven, Bryan, also wanted to tap Molly's ass and wanted Cyrus out of the picture in a big way. Bryan invited Cyrus over to try some new drugs, which turned out to be a roofie. Cyrus woke up strapped to the covens altar in the basement with a pentagram carved into his chest with a box cutter, and Bryan reciting from a grimoire at the head of the altar.

The next few years are very hazy for Cyrus as he was fully possessed and controlled by a daemon known as Draimaniel. However against all odds Cyrus, who had always had a very strong personality, managed to overcome Draimaniel and cage the daemon within himself, Bound to his own will.

The next few days were ugly, as Cyrus took revenge on Bryan and the coven for his mistreatment. Fortunately the coven had been Sanctioned due to their growing Occult depredations, and there were no repercussions for his rather creative and graphic vengeance. Cyrus even got to collect the modest Bounties in the aftermath, which got him back on his feet. A couple of Fed agents handling the case took a little pity on Cyrus and schooled him up on the realities of the Supernatural world and the trade of Hunting, logged his existence, and made sure he understood that as a Supernatural person what he was and was not allowed to do.

Cyrus adapted to his new state, and was matured quite a bit by his ordeal and the long internal struggle to win control of his life back, and developed a new lease on life. Now he actively crusades against powers of darkness, particularly cults and daemonic things. He feels compelled to prevent what happened to him from happening to others.

Cyrus's voice can harm and weaken others; he can just wail, scream, or holler, belt out actual songs, or just he prefers. He is also much stronger and durable than his appearance would suggest. However, even though he's mostly in control, he is technically possesed by a daemon and there is the possibility that Draimaniel can influence or even out right take over Cyrus's decision making faculties. Cyrus must remain ever vigilant.