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Dorothy (d6)



Unexpectedly, A Kickboxing Champion
Smart Pragmatic and Spunky
Trying To Make It In The Movie Industry




Ability Sets

Psychic Kickboxer

Reflexes: d6
Unarmed: d8

SFX: Elusive: You may double Reflexes on reaction rolls; if you do remove the highest rolling die and include an additional die in your result.

SFX: Martial Artist: All opponents who react to your Melee or Unarmed actions must replace the highest die in their dice pool with a d4.

SFX: Unleashed: You may step up or double one of this Ability Set's traits for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal die rating of that Ability trait.

SFX: Find Weakness: Each opportunity offered by an opponent reacting to an attack made using one of this Ability Set's traits retroactively increases your result by three (3).

Limit: Activated: Shut down Find Weakness and Unleashed if stressed out, asleep, or unconscious. Recover Find Weakness and Unleashed when stress is recovered or you awake. If Ego Trauma is taken, shut down Find Weakness and Unleashed until Ego Trauma is recovered.

Limit: Supernatural Aura: You have a supernatural aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.


Dorothy got beat up as a kid. She was too cute, both the boys and the teachers paid her more attention and other girls resented it. And so it was that Dorothy discovered the security of a dojo and training to make the bullying stop. She discovered that she in fact had quite a knack for it, especially for kicking. It didn't happen overnight or in a single montage but she was advanced for her age, and eventually got to a point where the bullying ended abruptly after a couple of decisive little set-tos.

But martial arts quickly became about something other than fighting for Dorothy, it was the training itself that mattered, the pursuit of perfection. Her passion for kickboxing survived middle school, puberty, boyfriends, and the prom and she became a recognized master, won or placed in numerous tournaments, and developed into a truly capable all around combatant. Post-high school she deferred going to college despite her extremely high test scores to pursue a career in the professional fighting community with an interest in being in action movies...either as an actress or doing stunt work.

Within a few months she responded to a casting call put out by Zackary for an actress for the lead in an action movie and figured that her martial arts would make her a shoo in for the action-heavy female lead. Dorothy was quite chagrined when she was cast in the role of the blond bimbo instead, but the pay was good and so she took the job grimacing inside everytime she had to watch the vacuous Raven stumble through a fight scene that Dorothy could do in her sleep. However, once it became clear that the movie had about as many soft porn worthy love scenes between Zackary and Raven's characters as action scenes it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.