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The Simple Magic guidelines used by Pathfinder FAE allow "free-casting" by default, wherein spellcasters just use the four actions of Fate Accelerated to attack, defend, overcome, and create advantage with some extended options for create advantage. Thus, such characters do not need pregenerated "spell" write-ups.

But some players and GM's are not comfortable with making things up on the fly and might prefer having some write-ups to use instead, and others might benefit from some examples to get a sense of what is possible and therefore some sample spells are linked to below. However it is important to note that the material is not intended to be taken as comprehensive "spell lists". The write-ups are just effects that have been used in play or written up to translate some source material into Pathfinder Fate Accelerated terms and are provided only as examples of things that can be done and not as definitive "rules" or assertions of how things must be done.

Note: characters using the prepared casting option have a set list of known spell write-ups vs free-casting and therefore might find the examples particularly relevant and helpful.

Arcane Spells (127)

Divine Spells (15)

Primal Spells (44)

Animal (13)
Fey (6)
Plant (4)
Seer (2)
Spirit (2)