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Bear Claws: Because I am able to partially change into bear form, I may use Primal instead of Combative to physically attack opponents in my zone with my claws. Finally, though I can be inconvenienced or restrained, being disarmed is generally off the table for me.

Primal Reduction: Because I am significantly more rugged, robust, and survivable due to my deep connection with primal forces, I reduce by one (1) all physical stress inflicted on me, and I reduce by two (2) all environmental stress inflicted on me.

Wild Shape (-2)

Because I have the ability to change into the form of any normal animal of my choice, I may spend a Fate point to temporarily assume an animal form. My trappings magically change with me and are unavailable until I return to my normal form.

When I change forms I move all of my Approach bonuses to a disposition relevant to the animal form I am assuming, and I move all of my Archetype bonuses to Focused (leaving all of my other Archetypes at +0). This lasts for an entire scene unless I choose to return to normal, which ends the effect. Additionally, I may spend another Fate point to assume a different animal's form, and I do not have to first change back to normal.

When I change forms I gain an additional Aspect named for the animal form I have assumed which I can invoke when my current animal form is relevant, and which can be compelled whenever my animal form or lack of humanoid anatomy might inconvenience me.

If the animal form I change into has natural weapons I may use Focused in place of Combatives while in a physical conflict.

If the animal form I change into has an unusual form of movement, such as the flight of a bird, the running of a wolf, or the swimming of a shark then I gain that mode of movement while I am in that form as well, at the GM's discretion.

If the animal form I change into has an unusual or extra keen sense, such as the low light vision of a cat, the olfactory senses of a canine, or the echolocation of a bat then I gain that sense while I am in that form as well, at the GM's discretion.