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Content from the Pathfinder FAE adventures we've run is available for reuse or just as examples. Just follow the links for more if you are interested.

Dawn Of The Shattered Star: a darker, grittier mashup of the Dawn of the Scarlet Sun module and the Shattered Star Adventure Path. The fiendishly potent Byragh and the inscrutably arcane Voxel struggle against malefic forces in a bid for power as they plot to steal the Shard of Pride. Simultaneously, the studious Pathfinder Psion Master Korzhu and the driven Magus of Nethys known as Skoth delve the Tower of the Crow seeking the Shard of Greed.

Rise of the Runelords: tranlated material from the re-released Adventure Path that started the Pathfinder juggernaut.

Big Fish Indeed!: the madcap adventures of the hapless duo, Kazzar and Royce. Sort of a Fafhrd and Grey Mouser teamup.

Bounty Wardens: one-off encounters for characters earning a living as bounty wardens, hunting criminals around the Magnimar sphere of influence in Varisia.