The Remittance Man Duncan D. 
Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes
15 STR 10 5 15 12- HTH Damage 3d6 END [3]
20 DEX 10 30 20 13- OCV 7 DCV 7
15 CON 10 10 15 12-
10 BODY 10 0 10 11-
18 INT 10 8 18 13- PER Roll 13-
13 EGO 10 6 13 12- ECV: 4
18 PRE 10 8 18 13- PRE Attack: 3 1/2d6
12 COM 10 1 12 11-
5 PD 3 2 5 5 PD (0 rPD)
5 ED 3 2 5 5 ED (0 rED)
4 SPD 3.0 10 4 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
6 REC 6 0 6
30 END 30 0 30
26 STUN 26 0 26
6" Running 6 0 6"
2" Swimming 2 0 2"
3"/1 1/2" Leaping 3 0 3" 82 Total Characteristics Points
Type Total
Run (6) 6" [12" NC]
Swim (2) 2" [4" NC]
H. Leap (3") 3"
V. Leap (2") 1 1/2"
Total earned: 58
Spent: 56
Unspent: 2
Base Points: 75
Disad Points: 117
Total Points: 248
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Steel Gray
Height:  6' 2"
Weight:  194 lbs
His most distinctive feature is his steely gray eyes. He is a large man but not overly powerfully built. He is trim and in good physical shape.
Cost  Disadvantage
15 Psychological Limitation: Hatred of Drug Gangs (Common, Strong)
10 Psychological Limitation: Code of Chivalry (Common, Moderate)
15 Hunted: VIPER 8- (Mo Pow, Harshly Punish)
5 Hunted: Father 8- (As Pow, NCI, Watching)
20 DNPC: Various Needy People 8- (Incompetent; Group DNPC: x2 DNPCs)
5 Reputation: The PI That The Needy Can Turn To, 8-
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity (Frequently, Major)
2 Character Background Bonus
30 Equipment Bonus
Notes: The campaign switched to an equipment allowance system after the start. The GM granted each character a 30 point Equipment Bonus. At least 25 of the points had to go towards the purchase of an equipment pool for the character.
117 Total Disadvantages Cost

 The Remittance Man Duncan D. 
OCV: 7 DCV: 7
Combat Skill Levels:
+1 Overall
+2 with Beam Weapons
+1 with DCV (5 Active Points); Limited Power Only vs. Armor Encumbrance Penalty (-1/2)
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Effect
Block 1/2 +0 +0 Block, abort
Brace 0 +2 1/2 +2 vs. Range Mod.
Disarm 1/2 -2 +0 Can disarm
Dodge 1/2 -- +3 Abort, vs. all attacks
Grab 1/2 -1 -2 Grab two limbs
Grab By 1/2 -3 -4 Move and Grab
Haymaker 1/2* +0 -5 +4 DC attack damage
Move By 1/2 -2 -2 STR/2 + v/5
Move Through 1/2 -v/5 -3 STR + v/3
Set 1 +1 +0 Ranged Attacks only
Strike 1/2 +0 +0 STR or weapon
The Remittance Man is very well connected and has impressive information gathering skills. He was one of the best investigators that the Omega Team ever had. He is also wealthy due to his family. When this character left the campaign he moved to the West Coast and took over a major management position with the family firm. From that point onward he was the team's connection to some of the cutting edge weapons that they used.
Range 0-4 5-8 9-16 17-32 33-64 65-128
RMOD 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10
3d6 Roll Location STUNx N STUN BODYx To Hit rDEF
3 CROWN x5 x2 x2 -8  
4 TEMPLE x5 x2 x2 -8  
5 FACE x5 x2 x2 -8  
6 HANDS x1 x1/2 x1/2 -6  
7 RIGHT ARM x2 x1/2 x1/2 -5  
8 LEFT ARM x2 x1/2 x1/2 -5  
9 SHOULDERS x3 x1 x1 -5  
10 HI CHEST x3 x1 x1 -3  
11 LO CHEST x3 x1 x1 -3  
12 STOMACH x4 x1 1/2 x1 -7  
13 VITALS x4 x1 1/2 x2 -8  
14 THIGHS x2 x1 x1 -4  
15 HI LEGS x2 x1/2 x1/2 -6  
16 MID LEGS x2 x1/2 x1/2 -6  
17 LO LEGS x1 x1/2 x1/2 -8  
18 FEET x1 x1/2 x1/2 -8  
Type Amount Notes
Physical Defense 5 Current BODY:
Res. Phys. Defense 0 (10)
Energy Defense 5 Current END:
Res. Energy Defense 0 (30)
Mental Defense 0 Current STUN:
Power Defense 0 (26)

 The Remittance Man Duncan D. 
Cost  Power END
5 Luck 1d6 0
5 Total Powers Cost
Cost  Name
3 Bribery 13-
3 Bugging 13-
3 Bureaucratics 13-
3 Combat Driving 13-
5 Concealment 14-
3 Criminology 13-
3 Disguise 13-
3 Fast Draw 13-
0 Language: English (idiomatic) (4 Active Points)
3 Language: Cantonese (fluent conversation; literate)
3 Language: Russian (fluent conversation; literate)
2 Language: Spanish (fluent conversation)
3 Lockpicking 13-
5 Shadowing 14-
5 Stealth 14-
3 Streetwise 13-
3 Systems Operation 13-
2 TF: Combat Aircraft, Small Planes
4 WF: Small Arms, Grenade Launchers, Knives
10 +1 Overall
6 +2 with Beam Weapons
4 Penalty Skill Levels: +2 vs. Range Modifier with with Beam Weapons
3 +1 with DCV (5 Active Points); Limited Power Only vs. Armor Encumbrance Penalty (-1/2)
3 Scholar
1) KS: Baker's of Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
Notes: Yep, the guys that make bread.
2) KS: Crime Families of Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
3) KS: Crime Families of the East Coast (2 Active Points) 11-
4) KS: Gangs of Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
5) KS: Little China in Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
6) KS: Modern Weaponry (2 Active Points) 11-
7) KS: Moscow West in Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
8) KS: Police Department of Hudson City (2 Active Points) 11-
2 CK: Husdon City 11-
95 Total Skills Cost
Cost  Name
2 Donation to Team Vehicle
2 Donation to Omega Team Base
30 Equipment Allowance (150 pts)
3 Well-Connected
1) HCPD Captain Rex Dovorak: Favor (1 Active Points)
2) Valclav Karkhov, "Mayor of Moscow West": Favor (1 Active Points)
3) Contact: "Spike" Punk Youth That Hangs Out In All The Underground Clubs & Parties (Contact has significant Contacts of his own) (3 Active Points) 11-
4) Contact: HCPD Precinct Capt. Rex Devorak (Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact) (5 Active Points) 11-
5) Contact: Harold Granger, FBI District Supervisor (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has useful Skills or resources) (4 Active Points) 11-
6) Contact: Henery Clark, Dock Forman at Pier 3 (2 Active Points) 11-
7) Contact: Roger the Knife, Enforcer for the 59th Street Outlaws (Contact has significant Contacts of his own) (3 Active Points) 11-
8) Contact: Secretary of the Chief of HCPD, Hellen Gray (Contact has access to major institutions) (3 Active Points) 11-
9) Contact: Valclav Karkhov, "Mayor of Moscow West" (Contact has significant Contacts of his own) (3 Active Points) 11-
2 Fringe Benefit: Concealed Weapon Permit
10 Money: Wealthy
66 Total Perks Cost

 The Remittance Man Duncan D. 

 The Remittance Man Duncan D. 
Height: 6' 2" Hair: Brown
Weight: 194 lbs Eyes: Steel Gray
His most distinctive feature is his steely gray eyes. He is a large man but not overly powerfully built. He is trim and in good physical shape.
Alexander is driven by his need to repay what the criminal element has done to him and the innocents that he has delt with. He feels that by being a vigilante he can make amends for his failure in helping his former partner.
The time has come to pay your debts.
In combat he prefers to use guns and nicely fulfills the roll of sniper for the group. He is one of the only Omega Team members to not posess martial arts training. He is particularly adept with the laser rifle. His family company AWS produces laser weapons for use by PRIMUS and other government agencies.

 The Remittance Man Duncan D. 
Hayden was born the fifth son of John McCaffery Alexander III, owner and CED of AWS (Alexander Weapon Systems). In a family steeped in old world traditions and a clearly defined chain of succession (John McCaffery Alexander IV is first born son and heir to the control of AWS). The family home, the Eagle’s Manner is on the outskirts of Hudson City.

At a young age, Hayden became disenchanted with the workings of his family and began to rebel. This led to him being thrown out of Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Vermont State University in the course of four years. During his abortive studies he majored at one time or another in Political Science, History of Western Civilization, Criminal Science, and Business (family pressures, of course).

Finding nothing in the universities to his liking, Hayden left Eagle’s Manner after a rather dramatic confrontation with his father and proceeded to wander the world for two years. In this time he sought to sample all that life and the world had to offer, traveling first class, in the hold of a tramp steamer and everything in between. His father was actually glad to see him go saying, “good, now perhaps he will learn the importance of power and how cruel the world is.” During his travels, Hayden became fascinated with how cities work and often relied upon his increasing savvy to keep himself out of harms way on the darker sides of many a city.

Upon returning in 1988, Hayden joined the Hudson City Police force and worked a beat on the ethnic side of town with his partner and newfound friend Phillipe Cagginelli. Together they got to know the ins and outs of Little China. Hayden for the first time in his life actually found an occupation challenging and worthwhile. During this time he also improved relations somewhat with his father and the rest of the family, never achieving what his father wanted, but at least earning his respect.

Life in the police force was great until the winter of 1990 when he and Phillipe were investigating the Broken Dragon drug-ring in Little China. After working the case for two months they were beginning to assemble a solid case against the ringleader, Randy Chang. Phillipe and Hayden had just finished a long day at 2200 and headed home. Hayden’s night was not to be a restful one. At 0430 he received a phone call. The caller simply said, “listen.” In the background Hayden heard the desperate screams, as he was tortured to death by Chang. After a rigorous search of Little China Phillipe’s mangled body was discovered by the force along with a videotape. At Police headquarters, Hayden, his sergeant and Rex Devorak, the precinct, captain watched the video. It turned out to be a 4-hour tape of the death of Phillipe and a death threat that Hayden would be next for learning too much about the gang. Hayden reacted in a fit of uncontrollable rage, smashing the TV and damaging much of the conference room.

The police department decided to place Hayden in a safe house on the outskirts of town. There for five months Hayden hid out while Captain Devorak and the department turned Little China upside down looking for Chang. All to no avail, and eventually, more pressing matters slowly eroded away the department’s attention to the case. Eventually Hayden returned to the streets and a new beat in Little Russia. However he was a changed man, no longer given to idle pursuits he spent almost every daylight hour on the street learning Little Russia and coming to know its people. Most of his off duty nights he spent lurking on the streets of Little China slowly and quietly learning about the current activities of Chang.

After six months of this new beat Hayden resigned from the force despite Captain Devorak’s strongest pleas to stay. Hayden’s mind would not be changed, he had the information he needed and the time had come.

One month later, on the first anniversary of Phillipe’s death, Randy Chang was spending a quiet evening in his penthouse overlooking Hudson City. At 0430 he was awakened by a presence in his room, looking up he saw the cold steel eyes of Hayden. Hayden’s revenge was a slow as it was cunning. He gave Chang a drug that paralyzed him while leaving him awake, aware and sensitive to pain. He then opened a gallon jar containing thousands of fire ants placed it on Chang’s chest and left the building as quietly as he had arrived.

The body was discovered the next morning and the police eventually became involved. Their investigation produced no real leads but Captain Devorak knew deep inside what had happened. To protect his friend and save the tax payers valuable money Captain Devorak order that the case be written up as an unsolved drug-related killing and then closed.

Two weeks later a new private investigator opened his business in Little Russia where locals respect his rapidly earned reputation for gathering knowledge and helping out the deserving and needy people of the area.

Within two months a new name was passed in fear among the street of Little China...
the name of the Remittance Man.
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