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World of San'Dora
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Inhabitants Haelfinan Var
Cympyion Human Ullu
Race Comparison Chart
This section contains information relating to the inhabitants of San'Dora.
  • HAELFINAN: An ancient, powerful, and dangerous race of humanoids that is also the progenitor of almost all other warm-blooded sentient lifeforms living on the planet.
  • CENHEDLU: An almost pure Haelfinan with only a fraction of Human taint.
  • HANNERAU: Have an equal or nearly equal amount of Human and Haelfinan heritage.
  • RHANAU: Have some Haelfinan heritage but is primarily Human.
  • VAR: The greatest and most powerful race created by the Haelfinan, many millennia ago the Var broke the Haelfinan's dominion and drove them from the mainland.
  • KOR: Fallen sub-race of Var, they have a  nomadic culture and control vast tribelands in the west and are a constant menace to their neighbors.
  • AFFELAUNES: Fallen sub-race of Var, these small people are semi-nomadic nuisances.
  • CYMPYION: After the Var and before Humans, the Haelfinan made numerous other servitor races. However only two of these races are known to have survived into the modern age.
  • HURGUR: A physically impressive race known for great strength.
  • VORSHEK:  A race of incredibly mighty but woefully stupid humanoids that regenerate damage at a frightful rate.
  • HUMANS: A multitudinous race with many sub-races.
  • MANKIND: baseline Humanity.
    • ELD-FOLK: Descendants of the Humans that remained loyal to the Haelfinan in antiquity, there are three distinct groups in the modern Age.
    • ELITHMEN: The most magically talented of all Mankind, descendents of the mighty Empire of Elith.
    • VOLKERALTEN: Descendants of the mighty northmen there are two distinct groups in the modern Age living at opposite ends of Danorshoras.
    • OTHER: There are a few isolated pockets of Mankind that are not descended from the three primary lines.
  • ARANASHI: A widespread and diminuitive subrace of Humanity altered by a God in an Age long ago.
  • GERSAAN: A race of four armed thugs created by the Zha'iirians with magic to fight their enemies, but which ran amok and rebeled.
  • DYRGYNION: A race of giant Humans created by the Haelfinan from Human stock long ago.
  • WYRDYNION: A race that can assume the forms of both Humans and Wolves and a form that is a mixture of the two; created by the Haelfinan from Human stock long ago.
  • TARBHDYNION: A race merging traits of Humans and animals created by the Haelfinan of the northeast forests. There are many different varieties.
  • ULLU: A reptilian people inhabiting the hot deserts of the south and the deep jungles of the Gersaan peninsula.
  • LSS'RSS: