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Volkeralten Nordmanner Machtig
The continents of Danoshorvas and lost Runorshorvas widened towards the north, and at one time a great landbridge existed between the two from the east of Danoshorvas to the west of Runorshorvas. A hardy breed of men inhabited this difficult expanse of land on both sides of the land bridge, and remained largely outside of the wars of power of the Age of Opposition due to their remoteness.
However, during the instability caused by the raising of the Caul, the land bridge was sundered and the two groups of the Vlkerlten drifted apart, though some ties were maintained. Those in the east on Runorshorvas would eventually become the Machtig while those to the west on Danoshorvas would become the Nordmnner, or Karkmen as they are generally called (inaccurately) by lowlanders.
  • NORDMANNER: a once mighty people that have fallen into a trap of regionalism and an unhealthy fealty arrangement supporting an indolent noble class on the toil of peasants and commoners, there is still much adventure to be had in the lands of the northmen.
  • MACHTIG: a powerful people with a complex and rich culture, they dominate their area of the world. In the long ago past they defeated the necromantic Morgathi Imperium and crushed the heart of the thanomantric Undari Empire, drove the Kor before them, and have spent the last two centuries raiding their neighbors with impunity. The Nine Great Clans of the Machtig are not to be discounted.