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The Pargori Laird of the {Y}
The Pargori are the {?} most numerous Clan but have the {?} largest Clanhold.
{NAME} is the current Pargori Laird and has sat the Laird throne in {?} for {?} years.
At 6'2'' and whip-lean Bjorjan (BE-YOR-SZHAN) "Satzjger" (SOTS-ya-gur; "Hunter of the Pack") Arison (AIR-eh-son) doesn't cut much of a physical figure. However, what he lacks in physique he makes up for in presence. He has piercing cold blue eyes that seem to look into the very soul of a person. He also seems to never be in a hurry, when he speaks it is softly but deliberately. He has the odd gift of quietly imparting a kind of urgency and import into anything he utters.
Bjorjan is known for his hatred of the Ulthferen. The stories say that his twin brother was slain by wolves believed to be shifted Ulthferen when the lad fell into the Lagersbrek River and washed up on the Ultherferen side. Bjorjan himself wont speak of exactly why he hastes the Ulthferen, but he is rumored to have hunted them from time to time prior to becoming Laird, and it is true that he has several very large wolf pelts hanging in his personal chambers.
He is an accomplished hunter, and a dead-shot with his bow as is to expected of a Laird who was once a Falkenaugen. Bjorjan is very hard to read, and he never seems to have an expression on his face that resembles any sort of emotion. Cool, reserved, calculating, and capable, Bjorjan very nearly personifies the qualities of a good deep-woods hunter.
Bjorjan prefers dark clothing, and often wears a deep green cloak with the hood pulled up when not in his hall. In his hall, he wears the black leather armor of a Jagrling hunter, and a crown of cedar boughs. He keeps a small quiver of arrows with silver tips and bears a silvered long dagger and short dagger as well, seemingly his only personal expense.
Bjorjan challenged and deposed his predecessor Ceowyn Ulfinsen, a (non-lycanthorpic) mongrel born of a Jagrling mother and a Ulthferen thegn who married into the Jagrling. Bjorjan hated him for his rough Ulthferen tongue and ill-mannered feral ways for years but tolerated him because he was at least a strong Laird with a firm hand on the Reeves and a tolerably fair judgement of the people.
But when Ceowyn ordered that the border with the Ulthferen was no long to be gaurded, Bjorjan could not stand to see his Clan sublimated to the wolf-bastards of to the north by this fake Jagrling, and challenged for Lairdship.
The first Volksraading approved his challenge, and Ceowyn, seeing the way the wind was blowing, called Bjorjan out for a fight to the death. Ceowyn did this confident in his sword work against a man renowned for his archery rather than his sword skills. Bjorjan opted to fight against Ceowyn's great sword with nothing but two daggers, a long one and a short one.
The fight was over quickly as Bjorjan flipped his short dagger through the air and into Ceowyn's eye, and following quickly behind it the long dagger took him in the throat scant moments after the struggle was joined. Bjorjan's infallible eye was  good for more than just arrows.
In the ensuing siding for a new Laird Bjorjan was the clear favorite and won against three other candidates, two of them fellow Falkenaugen and one the Reeve of  Stromweg. Upon assuming Lairdship Bjorjan subsequently replaced the Reeve of Stromweg with one of the two Falkenaugen that ran against him, and also dismissed the Reeve of Hinterwinde, which is the Reeve-halten that Ceowyn came from, putting the other Falkenaugen that ran against him in as the new Reeve there.
Aside from his deep mistrust of the Ulthferen which he developed as a child living on the Jagrling-Ulthferen border in a small steading near Flulair, Bjorjan is friendly to the idea of the Machtig as one people, and encourages heavy trade with the Pargori.
He has had his eye on the growing reawakening of the Herodi-Ulthferen-Raevoring alliance, and seen the Hengsting and Wundvolding start to swing in that direction as well. He too would probably get in good with the Herodi now to get in on the ground floor so to speak, save for the close ties between the Herodi and the Ulthferen.
Bjorjan has decided that he needs to kill Walkengreifer; only then will the Ulthferen have paid enough to satisfy him. However, he knows that the Herodi and the Raevoring at the very least would seek vengeance, and he knows that he is no match for either Reserei, Gunnar, or Wolkengreifer in a stand up fight should it come to that (though he could of course drop arrows into them all day long, such tactics are not seen in a favorable light outside the Jagrling and Faendradi), and also knows that he cannot generate enough of a force to bargain with Reserei to put aside the Ulthferen to gain the alliance of the Jagrling.
Further the Druids would likely censure one Laird slaying another lest it lead to war among the Clans. So for now Bjorjan bides his time, makes polite noises to all "envoys" and emissaries from both the Herodi and the Pargori, and does what a true hunter does best; wait patiently until the perfect shot presents itself.