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The Hearth Laird of the Huarthmunn
The Huarthmunn are the most numerous Clan and have one of the largest Clanholds. Though the Huarthmunn are the most numerous single Clan, they are also one of the least martial. Nestled between the Herodi, the Wundvolding, and the Raevoring they are protected from outside threat, and their food stocks are needed by all the other Clans to some extant or another so they are largely left alone.
The Clanhold is broadly settled, crisscrossed with farms and other practical dwellings, and most of its populace makes their living via agriculture in one fashion or another.
The Huarthmunn badge of is an ancient scepter made of dark graven stone, about three feet long, of uniform thickness save for a tapering at the bottom to facilitate a hand grip (or else worn there by generations of rubbing, clutching hands). The scepter is of a simple rectangular shape, with rounded edges.
This scepter was once a pestle, part of a fine mortal and pestle crafted over two millennia ago in the old country and brought across the oceans. Its true history as a pestle is lost, and its size and heft certainly give it credence as a scepter of rulership, especially with the ornate carvings that were added to it at some point in the past. It is called the Granitver, and is traditionally cradled in the crook of the Laird's left arm whenever he passes verdict or issue edicts from his throne. However, the item ceased to be used in an every day fashion over 12 centuries ago and it is instead kept in a vault and only brought out for the most grave or significant of occasions.
Dunn Betriebenn is a very large steading starting to verge into the realms of a very small city, though it is still just about half the size of Fallenheim (including both Upper and Lower Fallenheim together). It is a walled steading with an eight foot tall stone wall extended more recently by wooden breastworks taking the total height up to fourteen feet.
The ancient original fortress, made of stones pulled laborious from the Wundvolding range almost two thousand years ago when these lands were anything but settled still stands, but has been heavily reinforced and shored up to the point that its practically unrecognizable compared to what it once looked like. It is used for purely ceremonial occasions in the modern time, but is still lovingly maintained as a link to the past.
A newer fortress was built approximately 200 feet from the old fortress roughly a thousand years ago by the legendary Obermancer Hauptan Haurdenssen by commission. Hauptan litterally pulled the rocks directly up from deep in the earth and shaped it with powerful Geomancy spells. Thus the new fortress, called the Magusfelsen (MEH-goose-FELL-sen; literally "Magic Rock"), is seamless and sits atop a perfectly round five foot table of black rock, similarly without seam.
The Magusfelsen is medium sized and comfortably houses the Laird and various administrative offices. Six longhalls are arrayed, three to a side, on the path leading up to the fortress and house the Hearthguard, fifty per hall with room for a few more in each.
The steading itself is bustling and home to many crafts folk who are not themselves farmers but produce items originating from farms, such as many wool-workers, millers (the steading boasts no fewer than three millhouses nearby along the banks of the Unien River), cartwrights, and so on.
There is a respectable market inside the walls of the steading, but over the last decade or so more and more trade has moved outside the walls into the large semi-permanent caravansary located on the west side of town where the Shidaalweg passes to and around the wall to head to Fallenheim
This area is called then Aubenbereich (AH-ben-BARE-eck; literally "Place for Outsiders"), and by general accord whatever the outsiders that live here do to themselves is their business, but the Hearthguard maintain a standing watch of no fewer than twenty Thegns at all times during the day to protect the interests of Machtig doing business with the outsiders.
The Laird's hall is spacious but surprisingly comfortable despite the  austerity of the seamless black rock of its halls. This is mostly due to the proliferation of brightly woven and well crafted tapestries and rugs, and numerous warm fireplaces banked against the chill of the halls.
The Laird sits upon a well carved and padded throne of hard wood that sits upon a black stone pedestal that is two hand spans high, as wide as two tall men, and equally as deep. There is a stool to the left and slightly behind the throne for an advisor to sit, as it is the custom of the Huarthmunn Lairds to keep a small council of advisors that are experts in various things to aid them in the administration of their vast realm and numerous peoples.
The area immediately before the Laird's throne is an open square slightly larger in area than the dais upon which the throne rests, and on the other side of it from the throne there is an aisle to the main doors with two sets of impressively carved bleachers set at mild diagonal angles with ramps extending down to the aisle; each set of bleachers has five rows and each row can comfortably sit twenty members of peerage in decorum or twice as many less frilly folk in a cram.
Usually the bleachers are sat upon by supplicants or those with matters to present to the Laird, but the Hall is open to the public so long as there is room to sit. Though there are no courtiers or professional hangers-on such as are found in the courts of some other nations, there are still those who find it in their best interests or amusement to keep a pulse on what transpires in the halls of power who have a tendency to loiter and listen when they can spare the time.
A rotating Fenzig (squad of ten men) from the first Spaltig of the Hearthguard are on post in and around the Hall all hours of the day and night, in stints of eight to twelve candles length depending on availability. Further three of the special billets of the Huscarl are the favored warriors and leaders of the Laird, called the Rigshutz. Each are hand picked by the Laird and serve as military advisors, strategists, and leaders of the warbands when needful. In addition to their other responsibilities, they take turns commanding the standing guard of the Hall. Traditionally the Rigshutz currently on formal duty in this capacity will stand to the Lairds left whenever the Laird is in his throne.
The three current Rigshutz are Avargen Roterbar, Evrain Starkskling, and Weizenberg Mondfeur, three older and experienced Hearthgaurd who were each supporters of  the current Laird in his rise to power.
Brengreifer Weizengarbe
Brengreifer Weizengarbe is the current Huarthmunn Laird and has sat the Laird throne in Dunn Betriebenn for six years.
Bren is a large man, standing nearly seven feet tall and gargantuan of proportion, with short almost-white blond hair, a short cropped beard, and blue eyes that sparkle whenever he smiles. He dresses much as any Huarthmunn in simple homespun work clothes or heavy wools for winter times and does not adorn himself in fine jewels, only wearing the wedding brace his wife, Helena, affixed to him on their wedding day. For finery he merely throws his brown and gold tartan over his shoulders when attending to official business.
His lack of fancy garb or pretensions throw many off guard, and he is able to pass among his people without standing out as their leader to an outsider.
The only thing he wears of note is his broad brown leather belt, which is embossed with golden disks that each bear a Rune of Power. This was a gift of the Wundvolding Laird Dyorgrim given after Bren, a captain among the Huscarl at the time, personally lead a team of wagons bearing much needed supplies to Steinern eight summers back when the sparse crops the Wundvolding were able to raise on their own were ravaged by an early winter in the mountains. The famed Dyorgrim has always been a hero of Bren since he heard the Saga of Stenirolf as a young man, and the belt is his most prized possession.
In battle he prefers to wield two well crafted but practical long swords when the action gets close. Most who see him expect a brute force fighter with no finesse, but he survived the Prfungdebod  in his youth and rose to command the first Spaltig, which is synonymous with being an expert warrior. He wields his weapons with great aplomb, moves with a grace startling in such a large man, and is a fearsomely capable warrior.
Like many Huarthmunn as a child Bren learned the ways of the plow toiling on his Thegn fathers steading, and learning his weaponcraft from him in the evening after chores were done. Bren grew to be a large man, like his father and grand-sire before him, standing almost seven feet tall with massive shoulders and a broad chest.
Bren proved to be unusually adept in his battle skills, and being a third son chose to travel to Dunn Betriebenn when he reached his majority as there was no land for him to share from his father or brothers. Stung by their mean and callous ways, Bren disassociated himself from his family and dropped his patronymic and began calling himself Brengreifer, one who mourns the loss of their loved ones.
Reaching Dunn Betriebenn he proved himself in the next Kreigwerb and was accepted into the Hearthguard's third Spaltig, which was a fair accomplishment for a rookie, and soon rose to prominence. The next year he rose to the second Spaltig and was able to enter the Prfungdebod that commenced almost half a year later. He was one of five from almost sixty that made it to the end, and in his third Kreigwerb he earned his way into the first Spaltig. 
One of his instructors in his Prfungdebod was the venerable and widely respected Weizenberg Mondfeur, who had been a hero in his prime, and was one of the acknowledged master trainers of the Soledat, a swordmaster of fame and repute. Weizenberg took a liking to the plucky and talented young Bren and picked him out for even more grueling and advanced training than most of the would be Soledats. After Bren's graduation the crusty old veteran took Bren under his wing and was something of an advocate for him. For his part Bren came to see Weizenberg as a surrogate father, and eventually took the name Weizengarbe as his new patronymic, showing his respect to his mentor.
After finishing his training in the Prfungdebod  Bren felt the urge to go on faring and test his mettle, for which he gained permission and temporarily left the Hearthguard. He was on faring for a little over a year and traveled first to Shidaal, and then from there to Daelanthanor, and saw several of the cities of the Nordmanner lands and had a few adventures before returning home. Rejoining the Hearthguard, he rose to the first Fenzig in his fourth Kreigwerb over which he was soon named Allgemein, and later he became the Oburst of the first Spaltig, a position of vast prestige (essentially equating to "best warrior in the Huscarl").
Ten years into Bren's career the Laird Donnenbruk, a wise and well respected man, declared his intention to step down and retire from Lairdship; unknown to the populace at large he had developed a wasting sickness and wished to retreat into a quite decline rather than pubically weaken and be challenged. Though unusual, Lairds occasionally do step down, and a call was put out for would be challengers for Lairdship to rally to the Clan seat after the initial hubbub passed.
Bren stepped forward along with some other potential candidates, and on the strength of his past deeds and with the support of many influential Hearthguard including Weizenberg,  and a few Reeves, Bren won the majority and became the new Laird.
In the six years since then he was proven to be a capable ruler, mostly just continuing the policies of his wise and able predecessor, but showing good judgment and a steady hand when needful.
Bren leads the Huarthmunn in all ways of life by personal example; for if ever there was a jack of all trades it is he. Bren is a man of action; loathe to sit astride his Laird throne indolently. He prefers to roll his sleeves up lend his massive hands to whatever task is at hand no matter what the work is, and takes great enjoyment from going forth among the Clansfolk to rub elbows.
He also takes a very active interest and involvement with the Hearthgaurd, particularly the first Spaltig which he still thinks of as "his". It is not at all uncommon to find him on the drill field putting rookies and would-be Hearthguard through grueling paces, and he is far quicker to release Hearthguard who are no longer in trim or who are negligent in their battle skills than some of his predecessors. He wants only the best in his Huscarl. He is also very generous to veterans who are injured in the course of their duties, few though they are in peacetime.
Military and rulership aside, Bren is also a dedicated family man, who dotes on his wife Helena and three daughters Halli, Airen, and Larena. He still hopes for a son, but Helene is getting on in years and it may not come to pass if it doesn't happen soon.
In his prime Bren was the finest warrior of his Clan for his generation, and as he's only in his mid-30's he's still very formidable. Though he is widely skilled with an array of weapons, his specialty is a dual wielded style. He wields two swords that are more properly called bastard swords, but due to his great height and build they are proportionate to him as if they were longswords, and he almost always fights with them as such.
Bren tends to be rather practical about armor, and wears whatever seems appropriate to the circumstance, ranging from nothing more than some stout leather, braces, and greaves to plate and chain.
Bren is a direct and honest man, and is thus not very "political". He is a good ruler, and thinks of his Clan first, and is not greedy or power hungry. On the other hand, he can be remarkably stubborn, and if wronged he is unlikely to easily forget it. He might make a few mistakes in the political arena, but he's no fool and he prides himself on never making the same mistake twice.
Bren is an exceptionally popular Laird, with practically universal approval in the area two days ride in any direction from Dunn Betriebenn. However, the Huarthmunn Clanhold is very large, and many of its people dispersed in small villages and solitary farmsteads, which make it basically impossible for the Laird to personally go to every settlement or make themselves known to all of their population as it is possible for some of the smaller Clans to do. Thus there are many Huarthmunn who have no real idea who their Laird really is beyond a name. Regardless, he keeps taxes low, is not shy about sending a contingent of Huscarl to deal with any real dangers, and doesn't meddle in affairs that are managing themselves without his attention, all of which are things that outlying settlements always appreciate.
Raserei: Bren senses that Raserei is dangerous, but he is not cowed or impressed by him. In general he finds Raserei to be pushy and overly eager to leap before he looks. Bren staunchly supports Kaenha Kennering against Raserei.
For his part Raserei has no respect for Huarthmunn warriors on principle in accordance to his Clan's general view of the Huarthmunn as a Clan full of Thralls scratching at the dirt for a living. Nevertheless the two are polite to each other whenever fate forces them together.
Dyorgrim: Bren has idolized Dyorgrim since he was a young man, and even seeks out his counsel on difficult maters of Lairdship. In a large way, the Saga of Steinrolf (the story of Dyorgrim's great faring) inspired Bren's own life adventure of departing his home and trying his luck in the world.
Dyorgrim sees Bren as having great potential and the makings of a great man. He considers Bren  to be a worthy ally and truly deserving of Lairdship.
Gunnar: Brengreifer tolerates Gunnar with good graces but privately would rather avoid him if he could, but the Raevoring and Huarthmunn have always had close ties of a practical nature due to the Raevoring dependence of Huarthmunn crops, and their very long shared border.
Gunnar sees Bren as a "good lad", and though he claims pride of place as an older and putatively wiser Laird, he does honor to his fellow Laird in the traditional ways.
Chigante: Bren respects Chigante's precision, self control, and intellect, but secretly disapproves of the fashion in which he took power.
It is completely unclear to any outsider how the impassive Chigante feels about Bren, but he actually affords the young Laird more respect than he does most of the other Lairds, recognizing his forthright and genuine nature, and of course the fact that he relies on skill alone in battle rather than magic or tricks.
Keanha:  Bren is a strong supporter of Keanha, believing that even if Keanha occasionally does something that is in his own best interests rather than the interests of his Clan or the Machtig as a whole, he still does above and beyond what anyone could expect from an Oberlaird, as proven by his own Clan's bulging coffers and the upswing of trade with foreigners.
For his part Keanha doesn't devote any thought at all to Bren; the Huarthmunn have a Laird that is friendly to his policies, and that's good enough for him.
Bjorjan: Bren has only met Bjorjan once, but took an instant dislike to him though he hides it well. He doesn't really know much about Bjorjan, his dislike is purely instinctual.
Bjorjan had hoped that Bren would be a welcome ally against the Herodi faction in the next siding for Oberlaird sure to come soon, but it quickly became obvious to Bjorjan's hunters eye and sharp wits that Bren wanted nothing to do with him.
Neirin: Bren has never met Neirin, but some of the stories he has heard have turned him off to the haughty Aelf-bludded Laird sight unseen.
Neirin might vaguely remember he had heard the name Bren at some point, but beyond that the Laird of another Clan is of very little interest to Neirin any longer.
Wolkengreifer: Bren  and Wolken have met only once, and their contact was peripheral at best, and thus both tend to fall back on their own Clan's general stereotype of the other's Clan.