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The {X} Laird of the {Y}
The {X} are the {?} most numerous Clan but have the {?} largest Clanhold.
{NAME} is the current {X} Laird and has sat the Laird throne in {?} for {?} years.
Neirin Cadocaled (NAIR-IN cah-DOCK-ah-led) is a small man amongst the Machtig, standing a mere 5'8" and weighing no more than 120 lbs even if he were soaking wet. He has piercing lavender eyes, exquisitely chiseled and angular features including delicately pointed ears, and raven black hair, now much grayed. He is a half-Aelfing and almost through his second century. He is only now starting to show his age in the last three years.
He has been the Laird for just over a century now, and has been a competent if not spectacular Laird for his people. He has the patience to wait things out, but the other Clan Lairds he's had to deal with on occasion over the past century have considered him incapable of taking action until past the point the matter is already moot.
Neirin rarely leaves the Faendradi forest, preferring to remain at Llawruchaf. He has been challenged several times over his long reign, but despite his indolent exterior, he is grace personified with a sword in his hand, dancing through combat, looking as if he is moving sedately, but in reality turning through the steps of a deadly waltz which has but one outcome.
He is popular enough among his people that it would take a major claimant or serious mistake on his part to result in his ousting at this point. Many Faendradi with less Aelfing-blud were born and grew to be old men themselves during his reign, and few people even remember what it was like to have a different Laird.
Neirin is charming, but very reserved. His "wife" Hwyrohaffa is a full blooded Aelfing three times older than him, but he only sees her when she wants to try to mate, which has worked out to about once every 30 years; it's a loveless union arranged by his parents and the Aelfing elders when Neirin was just a boy. Hwyrohaffa has borne two children by him, Neifion and Nerys, but they are raised among the Aelfing and he has only ever seen them on four and three occasions respectively.
Without a family to keep him company, his Aelfing kin distant in their enclave, and his human kin five and more generations removed from when he was born, Neirin is essentially a very lonely man, though he has adjusted to his solitude well. He instead fills his days with music. He keeps the Clan Skalds busy playing and singing as much as he is able to entice them to do so, and can sit for hours at a time on his Laird Throne listening to the Skalds' melodies completely still and unmoving save for the occasional blink or breath of air.
He administers the few settlements of the Faendradi with a light hand, and takes a long view. He does care for the welfare of his people, and has frequently reduced besterung for all in particularly bad years so as not to strain his subjects overly much, and is quick to send aid when word of any troubles reach his ears.
On the other hand he routinely forbids requests to go on farings unless a Druid or a Hoher Skalding gets involved, which almost never happens. Thus, his people have not had any firsthand accounts of the outside world in about a hundred years. Neirin's isolationist tendencies also keep outsiders almost uniformly restricted to border settlements, never allowing large groups of outsiders into the heart of the woods.
It is uncertain what the future may hold for the Faendradi, and much depends on whether Neirin can hold his rule or not. As long as he is Laird there will be no rapid change permitted, and currently the Faendradi are much entrenched in the way things have been rather than the way things are going to be. All three of Neirin's Reeves are men chosen for their isolationist tendencies, and the Huscarl currently numbers only four, all with much Aelfing-blud, as Neirin has not seen fit to replace members when they retire or die, for what danger ever comes to his lands?