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Castes Thegns Druids
Skalds Fertigkeiten Thralls and Slaves
Machtig Castes
The Machtig have a suprisingly complex society with numerous special roles that carry status and prestige. Machtig are very aware of these statuses, and their culture revolves around them.
  • THEGN: the warrior caste of the Machtig. In addition to having a near-exclusive right to bear arms, all positions of political authority are drawn from this caste.
  • DRUID: the spiritual leaders of the Machtig, and practitioners of a powerful form of Nature magic.
  • SKALD: keepers of the lore and culture of the Machtig, and practitioners of a subtle form of magic that manipulates interaction between people, emotions, and sound.
  • FERTIGKEITEN: a special caste giving status to people with abilities beyond the norm that require special consideration.
    • WAFFSCHMIED: crafters of weapons and armor, without this group the warrior caste would have significant issues.
    • HENGSTKAMPFWER: breeders and trainers of war horses, their services to the warrior caste assure them favor.
    • JAGERVER: people that are particularly important to their steading's continued livelihood.
    • ZAUBERER: rare practitioners of some form of arcane magic.
      • OBERMANCERS: masters of the four Elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water these arcanists are powerful and dangerous magic workers.
      • AELDENAREN: people with a legacy of Haelfinan heredity with the capacity for various magical abilities inherent to their very nature, they can be very capable individuals.
      • RUNECRAFTERS: students of the magic of Varic Runes, some know the secrets of all sorts of Runes, while some other focus on making magic weapons and armor, and still others know only the art Runic tattoos.
  • THRALLS: those that have not distinguished themselves in some way are Thralls. Lacking the right to bear arms, vote, they are commoners of the Machtig.
  • SLAVES: relatively rare in most areas of the Vold, Slave are either those taken abroad and brought back to the Vold by Machtig on faring, or Machtig that have commited some crime or shame that have been punished.