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Elithmen Vorgaanese Hortashi Worfini
Found mostly on a distant but large island to the south of Ieshali from which their name derives, subgroups with a common ancestry also settled the much smaller island of Horvis and of course founded the now cosmopolitan city of Worfinal.
These men have olive-tone complexions, dark typically curly hair, and tend to be of smaller stature. They are known for their wit and sharp tongues, and their merchants are often thought of as being hard bargainers but not always trustworthy. The Hortashi are also known for their mild air of superiority.
The Hortashi practice a form of Magic descended from the Magecraft of Vorgaa that they call "The Craft". The Metruvius Magic System is used to represent this style of magic.
In the modern day Wizardry has started to gain a foothold in Horvis and Worfinal, but has not yet found favor on the Hortashic Island itself
There are two major dialects of Hortashi in use in the modern time; while the core language is still spoken in Andrethi, Jros, and Horvis, Sorathortashic is spoken in Hargeth and Givinas.