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Elithmen Vorgaanese Hortashi Worfini
In the long ago past a great nation existed along the southwestern lands of Danoshorvas called Elith that over time became home to many workers of magic, and was one of the great civilizations from the onset of the Age of Opposition.
 The traditions of magic among the Elith blossomed greatly throughout the age, but some  began tapping into the service of entities from planes beyond in pursuit of ever greater power, and thus were sucked into the many wars of power that ravaged the world and saw the Age plummet into dark times.
After the Caul was raised Elith collapsed into fractured fiefdoms ruled over by both petty nobles and honorable men alike who almost uniformally turned on the now weakened magic workers in retribution for the destructive forces they had collectively unleashed upon the world. Many were slain, but some went underground and would sow the seeds of a resistance that would eventually see the rise of the fearsome Witchlords of Vorgaa.
The term "Elithmen" is known now only to the Elder races and some Zha'irrian scholars, but three notable groups descended from Elith remain.
Traditionally the Elithmen have had the broadest scope of Arcane Magic among mankind, with many different approaches and traditions.