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Eld-folk Chur'An Gaer'An Kaer-Na
The Kaer-Na fled to the north with the Haelfinan who took up residence in what would become Eardrelin in the shadows of the Amovar Mountain. For millenia they survived, roaming the taiga and hilly plains lands between the Amovar Mountains and the Dregga-Therak Mountains.
The Kaer-Na are typically dusky skinned people and dress in simple animal hides. Like the Haelfinan they remained loyal to in ancient days, they eshew technology and favor archery. They make their arrow-heads from flint or sharpened bone typically, and their bows tend to be simple horn or ash. For ornamentation they use beads, feathers, and hides. They wear their hair long, both the men and the women, and the men folk are not prone to beards.
Though their existance was spare, they abided in relative peace until about 3000 years ago the prerunners of the Nordmanner from the other side of the Vragga Mountains and Runorshorvas crossed over via a landbridge and slowly but surely started dominating the northlands, cutting the Kaer-Na off from their distant Haelfinan allies in Eardrelin, and spreading towards the more hospitable Kaer-Naese lands of the south and west. The Kaer-Na were able to hold a pocket of land towards the east as the Nordmanner seemed determined to push inward and left them behind, but though still sizable this last refuge represented a mere fraction of the lands they had held before.
The Kaer-Na are nature worshippers; they believe in great animal spirit Totems. Their borders are defended by mighty Totem Warriors and Totemic Shaman. All Kaer-Na have at least one Totem. The Totemic Shaman Magic System is used for Kaer-Na, without any of the variants. Signature abilities are allowed for any full Totem a Shaman has, but must be paid for in Character Points in the usual fashion. The Totem Warrior and Totem Shaman Packages are both appropriate for Kaer-Naese characters. The following Totems are available to the Kaer-Na: Bear, Boar, Deer, Eagle, Horse, Owl, Panther, Raven, Stag, Weasel, Wolf.
While Kaer-Naese people normally stay in their remote corner of the world, they are a very spiritual people and on occasion a Kaer-Naese will experience a spiritual vision wherein they are bidden to go forth on a Spirit Quest. Such Spirit Quests are often highly personal and represent individual growth rather than having any ground-shaking or externally significant purpose. This could provide sufficient rationale for a Kaer-Naese player character to be encountered far from their homeland.