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Eld-folk Chur'An Gaer'An Kaer-Na
The Chur'An are an offshot of the same peoples that would eventually become the Kaer-Na. The Chur'An nestled into a fold between the Dursha Mountains and the Shorlian Channel on the eastern edge of the Danoshorvas continent, and have held it against all comers for untold millenia.
The Chur'An are typically dusky skinned people and dress in thick wool overgarments and leathers to ward off the stark weather of their lands. The Chur'An use bronze weapons and armor, due to a cultural taboo against Iron dating back to their seriture to the Haelfinan. For ornamentation they use carved stone and bronze adornments. They wear their hair short, even the women, and like the Kaer-Na the men folk are not prone to beards.
The Chur'An have remained close allies with the Island realm of the Haelfinan on Iandras across the Shorlian Channel in perpetuity. Every five years the best ten men and ten women, as determined by highly ritualized contests of strength and wit called collectively the Cystadleuaeth (kis-todd-LEW-aith), are chosen by the Haelfinan and taken to Iandras and joined with Haelfinan mates as part of an ongoing attempt by the Haelfinan to increase their dwindling numbers. In return twenty halfblooded Haelfinan come to live among the Chur'An to find Human mates. In this fashion the Chur'An maintain their Aeldenaren bloodlines, and have the greatest number of Aeldenari of all the Eld folk in the modern day as a direct consequence of this arrangement.
Like the Kaer-Na the Chur'An are nature worshippers; they believe in great animal spirit Totems. However, the Chur'An favor symbolic totems of creatures created by the Haelfinan in their war against the Var over naturally occuring animals. The Totemic Shaman Magic System is used for Chur'An but they use the Optional Fantasy Totems instead of (not in addition to) the standard Animal Totems. The Totem Warrior and Totem Shaman Packages are both appropriate for Chur'Anese characters.