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Undari Nations
The once vast Empire of Undari was fractured into many splinter states. Some have come and gone, but in the modern era the following remain:
Historically cursed by geography, wedged between the Machtig and the Kor and subject to near-constant raids and demands for tribute, this fiesty little nation has begun making a push for greater independence and military strength in the last few decades.
Once part of Landroth this small land is the westernmost Undari "nation" and is surrounded on all sides by those that pilage and otherwise take advantage of its total lack of central government and general anarchy.
These Undari have become an almost completely nomadic people, their lands are widely cultivated and small tribes of Undari wander around tending to the fields of whatever area they happen to be in, living off the land. When enemies threaten they just displace. They have dug numerous underground tunnel networks that allow them to go to ground, hide, and even to live in safety for a time. It has proven to be a surprisingly effective survival adaptation.
The only city in Hurishol, Ulsaar, is actually run and occupied primarily by people of Nordmanner descent that live there due to it being on the Great Northern Trade Route.
This "nation" of Undari lacks any sort of centralized government or ruling body. Each town or settlement has its own leaders, whether they be elected, elders, ascended by force, hereditary, or something else.
Compltely destabilized by the incessant raids by Herodi warbands, this group of Undari essentially exist because the Herodi have little desire to permanently occupy their lands; they find it easier to let the Undari grow the crops and then sweep in to take most of it.
There is one actual city called Vezaak in the northernmost corner of Orithain. A surviving Undu raised location, a hereditary ruler controls an approximately twenty square mile area; it is effectively a seperate city-state. The Herodi raid it less often merely because its farther away, and is not particularly lucrative.
The largest of the surviving splinter states, this group of Undari have formed an unusual communual way of life where all members of the community pool their resources. They also have no formal marriage arrangements, breed freely among themselves, and raise their children as a collective.
They have effective guerrila bands of scouts and skirmishers that are skilled at fighting on the run and using terrain and cover to their advantage. They are able to cause enough damage to dissuade neighbors from encroaching their lands casually.
The most aggressive Undari splinter state, they have a male-dominated society wherein women are sequestered and expected to bear as many children as possible before dying or becoming barren, and men take many wives. The number of sons a man has is a mark of great prestige.
They have become mercilous fighters, employing ambushes, night attacks, and other attacks from stealth to murderous effect and are known to do terrible things to prisoners. They are also known to eat the hearts of those they slay and believe they gain the strength of their victim by doing so.
Unlike most of the other Undari splinter states, the Orgorosh don't slay those among them born with the Gift for the death magic, but instead train them almost as dogs to serve them in battle; they call such people Undina which is an insulting diminuative of Undu.
The Orgorosh hate the Machtig with a passion and gladly fight them, but in the last hundred and fifty years have been spending most of their efforts fighting border clashes with the Zadeshi.
Founded by Orshitoth that escaped the descruction of the Empire by fleeing to an impregnable stronghold in the mountains and later spreading back down into the basin, they managed to maintain the process of soul investiture through the auspices of a few Undu apprentices that they enslaved.
The entire society is ruled by the warrior caste of the Orshitoth, but there are no sacrifices, only a few Undu are kept alive at any given time, and they are only trained to conduct the necessary magic to perform investitures.
Has fought several battles with expansionary Zadeshi forces in recent decades. The Orshitoth have overpowered and routed these forces and the Zadeshi have developed a fear of them, but once they realize how few Orshitoth there really are its just a matter of time before they assemble a huge force and invade to occupy.
  • VEI-DA
These three Undari splinter states have been effectively annexed by the Zadeshi Empire and their indivdual cultures have been eroded and almost completely homogenized over the past several centurires.
Akosa fell first almost three centuries ago and is effectively Zadeshi now, and Famor followed a few decades later and is similarly inculcated. Arvanis fell a little over a century and a half ago and there is still some resentment and attempts to hold on to their own cultural identity, but they too are slipping into being completely assimilated.
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