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Pureblood Cenhedlu Hannerau Rhanau
The oldest warm-blooded race on the planet, the Haelfinan (ALE-fin-on) are a long lived and mystical race of mercurial passions and powerful Magic. The Haelfinan are responsible for the creation of almost all the other sentient warm-blooded races residing in the world, and many of the non-sentient ones as well.
The Haelfinan Willcrafters created many of the other races that populate the World of San'Dora many millennia in the past as servitor races
The first and most successful servitor race was the Var, created to mine and smelt metal items for the iron allergic Haelfinan. The Var served ably and well for millennia, but began to resent their status and eventually rebelled.
The Var and the Haelfinan fought for millennia, and the Var nearly wiped the Haelfinan from the planet. The Haelfinan made many more servitor races over the next several millennia in an effort to combat the doughty Var such as the Hurgur and the Vorshek, as well as non-humanoid creatures, but many of those races failed or turned on the Haelfinan as well, subverted by the Var.
Eventually the Haelfinan created Humans as a last ditch effort to make a race that could defeat the Var. They made Humans to be short lived, fast developing, and capable of learning new things quickly. Initially the Humans turned the tide against the Var, but they too soon rejected rule by the Haelfinan and many joined the cause of the Var.
 The combination of the mighty but relatively few Var and the multitudinous fast-breeding Humans was the downfall of the Haelfinan. In a long, bloody war of attrition the Haelfinan were pushed off the continent, forced to hide in the remotest of regions or flee across large bodies of water to places the Var and Humans could not reach them.
Thus the Haelfinan strongly dislike the Var and most Humans, who they believe to be treacherous creatures that dared to bite the hands of their own creators. For their part the Var believe the Haelfinan to be cruel, selfish, and heartless.
In the modern day most Humans do not believe that they were created by the Haelfinan, and in fact in some places distant from any surviving contact with them the memory of the Haelfinan has either faded completely from their awareness or are thought to be legendary. In other places some groups of Humans still war with the Haelfinan. On the other hand some Humans, collectively called the Eld-folk, remained loyal to the Haelfinan in antiquity and have maintained a relationship with them into the modern day.
Haelfinan are innately magical beings, and all have the propensity to use a powerful form of magic known as Aeldenaren inherent to them. Haelfinan that pursue their Aeldenaren Gifts are known as Willcrafters; the greatest Willcrafters are counted among the most powerful beings in the world.
NOTE: In the World of San'Dora Aeldenaren is synonymous with Haelfinan heritage; only those with such heritage can use the Magic System.