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Haelfinan Creatures
The Haelfinan created many of the creatures that inhabit the world of San'Dora. Some of the most notable still exist.
Hedfallewodd (head-fah-THWOE-oth) have the body of a lean and powerful hunting cat affixed with large leathery bat-like wings allowing flight. Dangerous hunters, they lair in large trees or mountainous aeries.
Used as shock troops by Hedfamarblaen mounted Haelfinan warbands, they are still found today in the Ollasandor Mountains, the fringes of the northern Dursha Mountains, and the highlands adjoining both the north and south of the bridge of the Dregga-Therak Mountains.
Reportedly some exist on the south eastern face of the Dursha Mountains as well (known as the Gersaan range in modern times), but due to the inability of outsiders to journey there and the isolationism of the Gersaani none know for sure. Some Chur'An have Hedfallewodd companions.
Dirfawrdwyn (deer-fair-DEW-een) are huge bears with rock-like hides, designed to attack the Var in their own caves. Still found in any mountainous area with caves, though not used by the Haelfinan directly for over a dozen millenia. The Dirfawrdwyn were an early failure for the Haelfinan, as the Var were able to domesticate or tame many of them and in some places keep them as pets to this day. Also, some Chur'An have Dirfawrdwyn companions.
Grol (GROHL) are an ancient race of creatures that live high among the peaks of mountains, engineered to infest and endanger Var in their home enviroments. They have scaly dark grey skin, with a large dorsal running the length of their heads, huge leathery wings, four heavily muscled legs, and a long semi-flexible tail tipped with spiny quills which will break off into anything struck with the tail and inject a slow acting but deadly poison.
The largest specimens of Grol have been measured at as much as 350 feet in length and weighing about 3500 pounds, although most specimens are considerably smaller.
Grol still inhabit most of the mountain ranges of San'Dora.
Blaenithteigrod (bline-ith-TIEG-rude) are large predator cats with oversized mandibles. Engineered to do battle on the Var across what are now the Undari Plains after the Great Betrayal they have been hunted to extinction in the southern stretch (closest to the Vold), but still roam in the northern stretch of plainsland closer to the Dregga-Therak Mountains, and also in the hinterlands of Zadesh and Chur'An. Some Chur'An have Blaenithteigrod companions.
Dyweddu (dew-EETH-ee) are large scaled four-legged and winged predators that are roughly the size of a horse and can spit acidic bile. Very rare in modern times, they were engineered to do battle on Humankind and highly prone to seeking Human prey. Some exist in the Dursha Mountains and the Aberon and Amovar Mountains of the distant north. Occasionally one will be found in the Ollasandor Mountains, but the Var typically kill them as quickly as they are discovered in that region. A very few Chur'An have partially tamed Dyweddu companions.
Marblaen (MAHR-bline) are tall white horse-like creatures with a single deadly-sharp spike upon their brow, preternaturally sharp hooves, and the ability to teleport. Also known as "Aelf-steeds" among the Nordmanner and Machtig, these are the favored mounts of the Haelfinan. In the modern day they are very rare, existing in small herds in lightly wooded forests and scrubland or in Haelfinan forests. Two medium sized herds exist in Chur'An, carefully protected by the Chur'Anese.
Hedfamarblaen (head-fah-MAHR-bline) are identical to the Marblaen in every regard save that they lack a horn and cannot teleport, but have large wings emerging from their foreshoulders that allow flight. Prefered by some Haelfinan as steeds over the non-winged variety in antiquity, they have become the primary mount of the Haelfinan that reside on the huge Iandras Island in the modern age.