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Pureblood Cenhedlu Hannerau Rhanau
Haelfinan Characters
NOTE: GM permission is required to play a Haelfinan.
To play a Haelfinan character a player must do the following things:
  • Pick one of the Haelfinan Race Packages
  • Pick one of the established Haelfinan Nations as an origin point, or work with the GM to detail a small hidden enclave tucked away in some remote area of the setting.
  • Chose abilities for the character based upon their background.
Every character is an individual, particularly among the long lived Haelfinan, but there are definitely some broad generalities that can be made about the sort of skill sets Haelfinan tend to fall into.
  • Willcrafters: While all true Haelfinan have natural talent with their powerful heriditary magic known as Aeldenaren and most have a few Aeldenaren knacks, Willcrafters are those who dedicate their efforts to mastery of it and are among the most powerful magic users known to the world. Both the Oldblooded and Gifted Packages are suitable for Willcrafters.
  • Archer: Haelfinan have a natural proclivity towards bowcraft, and some take mastery of it to levels that few non-Haelfinan can match.
  • Bladesman: Though not physically powerful, Haelfinan are swift and dexterous. Those that take up mastery of the blade are quick and dangerous warriors.
Due to their sensitivity to iron and steel, the Haelfinan developed a unique silver-based alloy they call Blaenarianodd (bley-nair-ee-AN-oth, literally "sharp silver"), which weighs only 75% as much as steel (lower the STR Min by 3 for any weapon made of Blaenarianodd), but is just as strong. Men call this Haelfsilver and it is valued highly in some cultures.
Trueblooded Haelfinan generally must use weapons of this material, and most non-trueblooded Haelfinan favor it as well.