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History Characters Vorshek
With the exception of in Chur'An and some domesticated Vorshek kept by the Var, most Vorshek live solitary existences, with males and females coming together only to mate, and very rarely at that.
Most Vorshek are basically solitary, and have an intelligence only marginally above the level of an animal. While Vorshek are capable of speech and learning, most Vorshek know only a few dozen words. Like several other Haelfinan creations, wild Vorshek typically speak a debased derivative of Haelfiri known as Ureldrek; however it is so far distant and debased even from Ureldrek that it's almost a distinct dialect. Varic Vorshek speak simple Varic.
In the wild, a Vorshek female mates typically 3 to 5 times over the course of their lifespan, with males drawn from as far away as 500 miles to compete for her attentions by the distinct musk exuded during this time. Due to their rarity however, oftentimes there is only one such suitor and sometimes there are none. Often if a female is ready to mate and no suitors arrive, the female will take this as a sign to relocate and will seek out an area with at least one male and resettle in the vicinity so that the situation wont be repeated when she is next ready to mate.
After mating has been accomplished the sire remains in the area during the fifteen month pregnancy, providing food and protection for the increasingly gravid female. However, once the children are delivered and the female has recovered sufficiently to hunt on her own, the father departs the area and returns to their own territory.
Female Vorshek typically deliver one child, but litters of two or three are not unheard of. However, the principle problem is that these babies require such large quantities of food to grow into adulthood that usually when there is a litter of several, the strongest child takes most of the food and the others die of starvation. Children remain with their mothers for around twenty years, after which time they are chased off to find their own territory.
Chur'Anese Vorshek are an intelligent, civilized people of average intelligence that are fully integrated and accepted into the primarily Human Chur'Anese society. They lead normal lives, have trades, jobs, and homes of their own, form long term relationships, and for all intents and purposes are indistinguishable from their Human co-countrymen.
The Chur'An are one of the Eld-folk descendents of the Humans that stayed loyal to the Haelfinan in ancient times. In many ways the Chur'An's ancestors were the most loyal for they remained behind on the continent to guard the retreat of their Haelfinan masters and the other Eld-folk that took ship to flee the vengeance of the Var and their Human allies.
The Haelfinan left many of their other remaining servitor races and creatures behind in the volcanic and fell lands as well to aid in discouraging pursuit. The Chur'An took control of most of these, including the Vorshek that remained loyal. Surprisingly the Chur'An survived, thanks in large part to the inhospitable nature of the volcanic lands they happened to be in; which the Haelfinan had deliberately chosen for their departure point as the active magma flows and volcanic nature of the land was a natural defense against the subterranean Var. Also, once the Haelfinan had fled the continent, the Var realized there was little point in wiping out a relative handful of Human loyalists and ceased advancing (particularly in what promised to be a hard fight).
Over the millennia the Chur'An have continued their relationship with their Vorshek and have effectively elevated them quite a bit. Vorshek exist as a community within the greater Chur'Anese culture. Over the years they have taken on Chur'An values and culture, live in houses, have jobs and trades, and are basically not very different from their Human counterparts save that their extended lifespans lead to interesting cross-generational relationships with Human families. Chur'Anese Vorshek have improved over long millennia and are quite a lot more intelligent than other Vorshek, and are as civilized as any other Chur'Anese citizen.
Unlike savage Vorshek, Chur'Anese Vorshek mimic the mating patterns of their Human allies, forming family units, generally practicing monogamy, and the females heat is much less marked. The tell-tale male-attracting musk is also partially baffled by the use of perfumes and baths.
Most Vorshek fighting in the Chur'Anese militia merely serve as part of their regional militia like their Human counterparts. However well trained warriors, Vorshek and Human alike, that serve on a semi-regular basis rather than just during times of need, and that have better training and equipment and are paid for their service are usually part of special semi-standing units that are partially mobilized at all times.
However in addition to their standard mixed units, Chur'An also maintains a very elite segregated unit of around 500 war-trained Vorshek called the Lhyggy Sniaghty (thoo-EEK-ay snee-KOT-ay), which translates loosely as "Falling Avalanche Brigade", that is quite devastating as heavy infantry and is greatly feared by their neighbor, the expansionary Empire of Zed.
This unit has a very long history, having existed in various sizes, guises, and states of readiness for several millennia, all the way back to the time of the Varic Wars. Like almost all Chur'Anese forces most of the unit is not kept as a fully staffed and ready standing force, but at least a quarter of the unit is kept on hand at all times near the Zedeshi border, with individual members cycling into rotation according to a schedule. During times of war or heightened tension more of the unit is mobilized, of course.
The Chur'Anese are also in the process of developing a newer elite force of  war-trained Vorshek specifically intended to counter the Zedeshi phalanx called the Cyryrouyl (keer-ree-ROO-ill), which translates loosely as the "Charging Bull Brigade", which isn't as heavy hitting as the Lhyggy Sniaghty, but is faster moving and is used as shock troops rather than as heavy infantry. This unit currently has around 100 war-trained Vorshek.
The intent is for the Vorshek of this unit to use their naturally long reach in conjunction with the extra reach of appropriately sized hook axe polearms to hook the edges of a shield wall and yank the wall apart, while keeping out of the reach of the defender's own spears. Once a shield wall is in disarray, the polearms' axe head is also well suited to slay the mostly leather clad Zedeshi Legionnaires.
Thus far the unit, in its eight year existence, has done well in border clashes with Zedeshi border patrols that have strayed too far into Chur'Anese lands and the unit's future prospects are good. It is currently kept as a fully standing force, but as it grows larger it will likely follow a ready reservist pattern similar to the well established and proven Lhyggy Sniaghty.
In some Varholds lines of Vorshek have been kept as effectively domesticated beasts of burden for millennia, harnessing their great strength to work various mechanical devices and to move heavy mining carts for the most part. These Vorshek are clothed in sturdy working attire (more to appease the sensibilities of the Var than for any practical reason), and kept in what amounts to large but reasonably comfortable kennels. Females in heat are kept separate from males and bred according to meticulously tracked pedigrees much like dogs or horses among some communities of Humans.
Vorshek (Wild)
Vorshek (Chur'An)
Vorshek are very tall and extremely sturdy humanoids that look dangerous and tough. They typically stand between seven and nine feet tall (though some specimens are larger or smaller), but are often somewhat hunched, with heavy shoulders. They also have long, thick necks that are surprisingly flexible. They are dense and weigh in between 800 and 1000 pounds, but some specimens weigh considerably more than that even. They often hunch over in a "knuckle-dragging" stance, supporting some of their great weight with whichever arm they are not currently using. 
Vorshek have large noggins, big teeth and legendary noses. Most Vorshek have large mouths, and in conjunction with their long necks can make vicious biting attacks very effectively. Some Vorshek grow thatches of thick fur in various places about their person, but many are as bald as a baby's behind their whole bodies over. Their skin tone usually ranges in greyish colors, from a stereotypical bluish grey to a more elephantine grey. Their skin also sometimes has a knobby, pebble like texture, particularly among older specimens. The females look much as the males save that they have ponderous dugs, which some bother to cover and others do not.
Save for the exceptions already noted, some wild Vorshek go nude, while others wear rough hides to some degree or another.
Chur'Anese Vorshek have some cosmetic differences from their wild kin; most noticeably their craniums are more domed, their mouths are much smaller, and their noses are not as distended. Further, Chur'Anese Vorshek wear at least some clothing, generally breeches and occasionally loose draped tunics.
Most Vorshek are actually relatively peaceful, despite their fierce appearance. If left alone they generally are content to eat and sleep and amuse themselves in simple, primitive ways. However, when angered or frightened, they can become dangerous and savagely lethal.
Some Vorshek have been known to form attachments to people of other races that have been unusually kind to them, particularly when they are younger, and to be very fierce protectors of those people...often to the protectee's chagrin as Vorshek generally don't make the best decisions.
Chur'Anese Vorshek on the other hand are not primitive and share the same externally stoic and xenophobic, internally warm and friendly attitudes of their Human co-countrymen, as well as the fierce individualism they are so renowned for as a people.
Cost Ability
15 Irresistible Might: +15 STR
20 Durable: +10 CON
20 Tough: +10 BODY
10 Intimidating: +10 PRE
15 Big Bite: HKA 2d6 (vs. PD) (30 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, Delayed Phase, -3/4), Reduced Penetration (-1/4)
5 Infravision: Infrared Perception
4 Resistant: Damage Resistance 4 PD/4 ED
15 Rugged: Armor 5 PD/5 ED
10 Heavy: Knockback Resistance -5
5 Long Arms: Stretching 1"
11 Vorshek Blood: Regenerate 1 BODY / TURN, May Heal Limbs
4 Impressive Nose: +2 PER Smell / Taste
2 Longevity: 300 years
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-20 Distinctive Feature: Vorshek (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Often Extreme Reaction)
-5 Physical Limitation: 800-1000 lbs, 7 to 9ft tall, but hunches over
-3 Dense: -3" Leap
-2 Heavy As A Stone: -2" Swimming
-8 Dumb As A Post: -8 INT
-3 Ugly: -6 COM


Total Cost of Package
Cost Ability
+7 Raise Regenerate to 2 BODY / TURN
+7   Raise Regenerate to 3 BODY / TURN
-15 Remove Big Bite
+5 Remove Dumb as a Post -8 INT, replace with Dim: -3 INT


Total Cost of Package