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History Characters Vorshek
Vorshek (VORE-shek) are huge, absurdly strong, incredibly tough humanoids that regenerate damage at a rapid rate and are by and large perhaps the most difficult to kill creature still in existence in the entire world of San'Dora..
Vorshek have disproportionately large noggins, big teeth and legendary noses. Some Vorshek grow thatches of thick fur in various places about their person, but many are as bald as a baby's behind their whole bodies over. Their skin tone usually ranges in greyish colors, from a stereotypical bluish grey to a more elephantine grey. Their skin also often has a knobby, pebble like texture, particularly among older specimens. The females look much as the males save that they have ponderous dugs, which some bother to cover and others do not.
The Vorshek were the first race to be created by the Haelfinan to be weapons against the Var, and the Haelfinan made them physically mighty in the hopes of crushing the Var with pure force. However, while they were fearsomely powerful, they proved to be relatively poor at their intended purpose.
For starters, thinking that part of the problem with the Var was their intelligence, and having had some success with the dim Hurgur, the Haelfinan made the Vorshek very stupid and tractable via simple motivators (primarily food). Also while their huge size made them powerful combatants in the open and in large caverns, it made them completely useless in small, narrow tunnels; which fact the Var quickly took advantage of. Finally, their stupidity and tractability was ultimately far too much of a con and moreover was exploitable.
The Var quickly discovered that the Vorshek were not actually very violent if left to their own devices, and successfully turned many to their own service, essentially domesticating them. Even though some remained loyal, the Haelfinan considered the Vorshek to be a failed experiment and stopped making them after a bare few centuries.
However the insane survivability designed into them ensured that the Vorshek did not become extinct, unlike some other failed Haelfinan experiments. Though relatively rare, the Vorshek can still be found today in almost all of the mountain ranges of the northern continent. Some Varic communities also still include sub-communities of Vorshek, and a large community of more advanced Vorshek live among the Chur'Anese.
Though they are not necessarily violent by default; they are very dim and become upset if confused. Some also go feral and can be very dangerous, like a rogue bear but on a much larger scale. Due to this, and their frightening demeanor, the Vorshek suffer intense discrimination in Human lands and are often chased away or slain if they stray too close to Human settlements.
However, their brute strength and resilience makes them dangerous combatants, and though rare due to the difficulty of training such idiotic creatures, war trained Vorshek are very lethal and some such can be found here and there. Some have also been kept as pit beasts for arena fights in cities such as Zerlaaga, Travice, Kark, and even Daelanthanor.
The Vorshek that remained loyal to the Haelfinan ended up in the lands of the Eld-folk that would become the modern-day Chur'An, and descendents of them remain there to this day. The Chur'Anese have always had a close relationship with these Vorshek and the two remnants of the Haelfinan loyalists continue to cohabitate into the modern day. The Chur'Anese Vorshek tend to be significantly more intelligent and civilized than their cousins, having benefited from this arrangement. The army of Chur'An keeps a unit of battle trained Vorshek; the unit is considered to be a key part of the national defense and is kept at a muster of around 300 Vorshek.