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History Characters Hurgur
Hurgur are found in various mountain regions all across the world, typically in small and thinly spread tribes with the exception of the nations of Therokai and Thurnik. Most Hurgur live their entire life within the confines of their tribal existence, but some are more individualistic and seek adventure.
Hurgur of Thurnik
Hurgur of Therokai
Tribal Hurgur
Hurgur are tall and very sturdily built humanoids that look dangerous and tough. They typically stand between seven and nine feet tall but are often somewhat hunched, with heavy shoulders and thick squat necks. They are dense and weigh in between 400 and 600 pounds.
There is some variation in appearance among Hurgur of different tribes, but as a general rule the Hurgur have thick grey or light grey skin, black eyes, and greyish teeth. All Hurgur are 100% hairless on their heads and don't have eyebrows, but the men can grow stubbly beards with patience and they have some body hair in their nether regions. Almost all Hurgur have unusually thick and heavy jaws. Their eyes are usually small and deepset behind bluff cheekbones and a craggy brow. Their voices are usually low and rumbly.
More primitive tribes of Hurgur wear hides and rough leathers but Hurgur from Therokai and Thurnik dress similarly to the Nordmanner; though the actual cut of their clothes is distinctive the materials and techniques used to make them are effectively the same.
Hurgur tend towards the brutish and crude, but practical. Despite some stereotypes, most Hurgur are not any more prone to violence than a typical Human. Generally speaking the motivation, outlook, and general mindset of the Hurgur are somewhere between the Var and Human mainstream.
Of all the Var and Cympion races, Hurgur are most like Mankind and if given half a chance most Hurgur can be gotten along with just as most Humans and Var can be gotten along with. Hurgur are basically tribal, and identify with their tribe, and also identify with their immediate and extended family -- although in some cases this amounts to the same thing in practice. However Hurgur culture has a place for the individual as well, and there is a good deal of personal differences between Hurgur even within the same tribe.
Cost Ability
10 Mighty: +10 STR
10 Durable: +5 CON
10 Tough: +5 BODY
5 Intimidating: +5 PRE
5 Infravision: Infrared Perception
5 Thick Skinned: Damage Resistance up to 5 PD/5 ED
2 Heavy: Knockback Resistance -1"
1 Resilience: Lack of Weakness (-1), Normal Defense
1 Resilience: Lack of Weakness (-1), Resistant Defense
5 Reach: Stretching 1"
15 Psionic Resistance: Damage Reduction 50% Resistant vs. Psionics; Activation 11- (-1)
5 Mind Sheilding: Mental Defense +5
1 Longevity: 200 years
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-15 Distinctive Feature: Hurgur (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Occassional Extreme Reaction)
-5 Physical Limitation: 400-600 lbs, 7 to 9ft tall
-5 Dim: -5 INT
-2 Ugly: -4 COM
-1 Heavy Swimmer: -1" of Swimming
-2 Heavy Leaper: -2" of Leaping
+25 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
*var Better Mind Shielding: Increase Mental Defense
+5 Better Psionic Resistance: Increase Psionic Resistance to 75%
var Reliable Psionic Resistance: Improve Psionic Resistance Activation Roll, or remove Activation Limitation completely
var Thicker Skin: Improve Damage Resistance up to 8 PD / 8 ED
15 Magic Resistance: Damage Reduction 50% Resistant; Only vs Magic (-1); Activation 11- (-1)
+5 Brainy: Remove Dim -5 INT
+5 Smarter: Remove Dim -5 INT, Replace with Dim - 2 INT
Better Looking: Remove Ugly -4 COM
+5 Stronger: Remove Mighty, Replace with Stupendous: +18 STR
Dumber: Remove Dim -5 INT replace with Thickheaded: -8 INT