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Cosmology The Planes of Existence Extraplanar Entities
Planes of Existence
The Multiverse is composed of nearly infinite Planes of Existance shaped like concentric spheres one inside the other. Collectively this is called The Sphere of Reality. The size a particular Plane is not actually linked to its location within the multiverse; some Planes of Existance near the center of the Sphere are practically infinite, while those at the top and the bottom are smaller.
Each Plane features its own rules of what is and is not possible and each is organized and structured seperately, though there is a marked tendency for Planes that are in close proximity along the central axis to be very similar.
Each of the four poles of the Sphere are nothing but fonts of powerful Primal Forces; these emission points for opposed energies are called the Primal Nodes. From the "left" pole originates pure Positive Energy, which is the wellspring of all life and creative force in the Multiverse.
Correspondingly the "right" pole absorbs all Positive Energy, reversing it to a force of anti-life and destruction. From the "top" pole a force is projected that orders all things into a perfect Stasis, a state of perfect unchanging existance. The "bottom" pole draws and distorts all things, disrupting Stasis with pure Entropy.
The Outer Planes, the layers closest to the terminus of the Sphere, are composed of pure Energy. The Outer Planes are vast and formless, and due to their relatively close proximity to the Primal Nodes are strongly aligned along the Primal axis.
The Outer Planes are inhabited by powerful entities that lack physical forms, being nothing more than formless sentiences. These entities are vastly powerful, able to manipulate the pure forces of the Multiverse to their will. These entities are rare, unique, strongly attuned to specific Primal Forces, and often quite meddlesome. As these entities are so strongly attuned to Primal Forces, there is a marked opposition between entities attuned to opposite Primal Forces, and an eternal struggle between these entities has been waged since the dawn of time.
The Outer Planes closest to the Primal Nodes are sparsely inhabited by the most powerful of these entities, while those closest to the Material Planes are inhabited by the weakest most of which are the souls of deceased mortals and of inconsequential power. Most of these nascent entities will rejoin the Material Planes, reborn into a new body to begin another turn of existance, but the most powerful will not be reborn, remaining Outer Planar entities.
As Outer Planar entities grow in power, they will eventually ascend to a higher Plane. Power may be gained by a wide variety of means, but the most often employed is the garnering of worshipers among mortals. Defeating an entity of an opposing Primal Force and draining their life energy is another popular means to power.
Some of the most powerful Outer Planar entities, for reasons of the their own, have been known to turn their powerful wills towards imposing structure and form to the amorphous energies of the Outer Planes, making pocket realms with form and substance, and rules regarding what is and is not possible.
These pockets are referred to collectively as the Outer Realms. Mortal scholars who refer to the Outer Planes are almost invariably talking about the Outer Realms, as the true nature of the Outer Planes is beyond the ken of mere mortals, and any mortal traveling to the true Outer Planes outside of a Realm unprotected would be instantly vaporized.
Many Outer Planar entities interfere in the Material Planes, where they take on an aspect that is comprehensible to mortals, and are typically worshipped as Gods or feared as Demons.
The Core of the Sphere, the place of perfect balance between all the opposing eneregies originating from the poles of the Sphere,  is composed of the building blocks of physical existance, and the Inner Planes are like cross-sectioned pie shaped wedges of pure Elemental Forces extending off of this Core, blending together the elements across an unknown number of layers until finally it all merges together into a homogenous whole, forming numerous Material Planes where all the Elements are represented.
The number of different Elements are numerous, but most scholars of the Planes tend to group them into a classic arangement of 4 Elements, aranged along the axis from the Core to each of the Primal Forces. Along the Entropic Axis gasses form, along the Static Axis heavy minerals form, along the Positive Axis liquids form, and along the Negative Axis flammables form.
Similar to the Outer Planes, the Inner Planes are inhabited by disembodied sentiences. However, the Inner Planes are not as energy rich as the Outer Planes, and the sentiences that inhabit them are far less powerful as their Outer Planar cousins.
The vast majority of Inner Planar entities manifest via manipulation of Elemental substances to create a tangible form. Just as Outer Planar entities are attuned to Primal Forces so to are Inner Planar entities, and thus are arranged along the Elements laying along the Primal axis they are attuned to.
The entities are generally referred to as Elementals by mortals. Some of the most powerful Elementals approach the potency of weaker Outer Planar entities and though still aligned along the Elements based upon their Primal Forces attunement, their forms and abilities are not solely reliant on Elemental forces. These powerful entites are referred to by many names, but call themselves the Jan.
The Material Planes are where what might be thought of as "normal" life occurs, although each of the Inner and Outer Planes is inhabited by a kind of life. Those Material Planes closest to the Inner Planes tend to be odd, with unusual arrangements of Elements, while those Material Planes farthest from the Core tend to be vast, containing broad Universes of scattered Elements, with infinitely diverse arrangements of physical laws.
Towards the middle arc of the Material Planes there are numerous Material Planes composed of a single continuous "world" or very small Universes. 
 The Material Planes are home to a wide variety of lifeforms, some of which are quite powerful in their own right, but all of which are ultimately mortal. On some worlds life was created by one or more Outer Planar entities, on others it occured naturally as a process of evolution, and in others a mixture of both. Some worlds are barren, or lack sentient life, others have one sentient race, and still others are home to many forms of sentient life.
Still other worlds may have gone through one or more eras with a race rising and falling, followed by another sentient race emerging. Some worlds are magic-rich, and some have no magic at all. The only thing that can be said collectively about the Material Planes is that Planes which lay near one another when considered in the bigger picture of the Sphere tend to be more similar than not.
There are also two special planes of existance that lay between other planes.
Each Material Plane has an overlapping "Shadow" Plane, which is a dark copy of itself. Also known as the "Ethereal" Plane, the "Spirit World", "Limbo", the "Dreamscape" or a host of other terms often influenced by local religions and spiritual beliefs. In addition to touching the minds of all living creatures on a particular Material Plane, the Shadow Plane is also the home of restless spirits that did not complete their journey to the Outer Planes after death, and the source of pure dreams.
Some magic users learn to travel through the Shadow Plane and to shape its substance into waking dreams that can affect the living. Each Shadow Plane only touches one Material Plane, so it is not possible to travel to different Planes using it.
All the Planes of the Sphere are interconnected however, via a vast, mysterious, and amorphous realm called the "Astral Plane". The Astral Plane is a formless, featureless, seemingly endless reality which either interconnects and permeates all things, or is simply the Void between all things, depending on what Planar scholar you ask. Other scholars believe that the so-called Plane is not actually a Plane at all in the true sense, but is rather akin to the Outer Realms, illusionary substance woven out of formless nothingness. 
Regardless of its exact nature, the Astral is the conduit between all other Planes; to travel from one to another requires passage through it. Via some means this passage is instaneous and never realized, other forms involve travel directly through it which is both powerful and hazardous, requiring special abilities or magic to survive. Some entities have become lost in the Astral Plane, or deliberately opt to reside there in a state of arrested existance. The Astral Plane is a fairly energy-poor realm, and many such entities rely on predation of other travelers for sustenance, or else stage occasional sorties into Material Planes for prey.
As an interesting oddity, much as many Oceans on some Material Planes have currents so to does the Astral Plane have Corridors, "tunnels" flowing directly from one or more Planes to another. Sometimes these Corridors link Planes in close proximity to one another, and in other cases they bridge Planes that are orders of magnitude higher or lower in the Sphere.
In many cases the entrances to these Corridors, called Nexi in the plural or Nexus in the singular, are so thin that any creature might step through it even accidentally and emerge suddenly in a new reality (which can sometimes be instantly fatal depending on the nature of the new Plane. Some Nexi are invisible, others are like whirlpools of reality, some are open all the time, others open randomly or on some idiosynchratic cycle.