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Cosmology The Planes of Existence Extraplanar Entities
Extraplanar Entities
As the Caul has been weakend the past several decades by the increasing use of Wizardry, Sorcery, and Arcanis Magnicus several powerful outer planar entities are begining to make their presense felt in the world again, and numerous cults espousing strange religions have sprung up here in there.
The lands of the Nordmanner have been heavily affected by this trend, with cults of Mhaizen and Blayndysh in particular having risen to power in several citites and towns.
As a general rule priests of these entities use the Dominine Magic System, save for notable exceptions such as Tirneg that use some other form of Divine Magic, or entities such as Mhaizen that does not grant priestly magic.
Mhaizen (MAY-zen): ("God" of Conflict, Glory, Vanquishing, Rulership, Martial Prowess, and Victory): worship of Mhaizen has sprung up in the last hundred years among the rulership and warrior caste of the Nordmanner. .
Mhaizen grants few gifts, but when a person is blessed by Mhaizen they usually get many Gifts rather than just one, all of which are pretty straight forward enhancements to their ability to do battle
Mhaizen opposes magic in general, and thus there are no actual priests of Mhaizen. This has also lead to magic users being increasingly unwelcome in some cities where worship of Mhaizen is strong.
Mherazen does not grant priestly magic.
  • The Order of the Vermillion Gauntlet
  • Sons of Mhaizen
Tzoruul (ZOAR-ool): (God of Retribution, Revenge, Regret, Reward, Reversals): worship of Tzoruul caters to those with a grudge to bear; a dynamic (or chaotic if you prefer) force, Tzoruul is an agent of change for good or ill.
Most worshipers of Tzoruul seek vengeance, societal change, or disruption of the status quo. Tzoruul is fairly generous with granting Gifts to the faithful, and Tzoruul's worship is popular among the downtrodden, so there are a lot of different, seperate Cults of Tzoruul scattered around.
Among the Kor this entity is worshipped as Vashi.
A very adaptible and accomodating entity, Tzoruul grants access to any three of the following Domains based upon the focus of a particular cult of followers: Chaos, Chromata, Destruction, Evil, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Trickery.
  • Fists of Tzoruul (Chaos, Chromata, Destruction)
  • The Friends in Shadow (Knowledge, Good, Trickery)
  • Zerlaaga Sept (Magic, Good, Evil)
  • Kor-vashi (Destruction, Evil, Travel)
Mherazen (MERRA-zen): ("God of Destiny, Fate, Mortality, Order, Timely Death): Worshipers of Mherazen believe that there is a preordained skein to each mans life.
 They believe that there is an Order to life, a Fate for each man and woman, which is ideal and beneficial to the majority but that there are disruptive forces which damage this natural order, and which must be counteracted for the good of all.
Mherazen grants Gifts only to Domini and the very faithful, and they tend to be awareness or perception oriented though Mherazen does sometimes invest followers, usually temporarily, with awesome powers over life and death to better serve his will.
Mherazen grants access to the Death, Knowledge, and Law Domains.
  • The Sheppards of Mherazen
Blaendys (BLAYN-dis): ("God" of Hedonism, Wine, Revelry, Gratification, Fulfillment of Desires), worship of Blendys has sprung up in parrallel to that of Mhaizen among the cities of the Nordmanner and where the millitant "right" tends to get sucked into the worship of Mhaizen, the liberal "left" tends to get drawn into the worship of Blendysh
Unsuprisingly members of the two groups do not like one another and conflict (though usually political rather than outright violence) is common. Blendys is sparing with Gifts, and usually gives Gifts that are socially applicable.
Blanedys gives access to the Luck, Protection, and Voice Domains.
  • The Children of Blaendys
Verinc (VAIR-enk): ("God" of 'Truth', Hegemony, Solidarity, Unity, Absolutism): Followers of Verinc believe that all other "Gods" are false and only Verinc is a true diety. They miltantly fight against the worshippers of all other gods and are aggressive missionarys. Verinc is generous with Gifts, and many of the more devout followers have one or more.
Verinc gives access to the Destruction, Strength, and War Domains.
There is but one way to worship Verinc, and thus followers of this religion are one group rather than several small independent clutches and is referred to collectively as the "Versamkirche" (VAIR-sohm-KIRK). They have a written doctrine called the "Way of Unity".
Many worshipers of Verinc, called Heiligkamper (HAIL-eg-KOMP-fer), are warriors that seek out and kill worshipers of other outer powers, monsters, infidels and what have you in the name of their god.
They can be powerful allies, but are also very dangerous as they tend to see signs of unworthiness in any who are exposed to the truth of Verinc for a while and still dont convert.
Tirneg (tee-AIR-negg): (God of Nature Triumphant, the Primordial Verdancy, Survival of the Fittest): worship of Tirneg has begun to take root in the northern and central Vorgaanese nations, among the Andelvai, and the Nordmanner county of Gorsland, with a presense in the Daelanlands as well.
Use the Animine rules instead of Dominine.
  • Heeders of the Call