The Turf Struggle

Viciously Vie For New Turf (2-4 Gangs)


Multiple gangs have cast their eye upon some new Turf that each is determined to control. Some want it for their own, others just want to deny it to their rivals.

Either way, there will be blood in the gutters by the time it is all done.

The scenario uses the battlefield set up guidelines, and may either be a Zone Mortalis or a Sector Mechanicus battlefield. A Zone Mortalis battlefield should have at least 2 tiles plus 1 tile per gang, and a Sector Mechanicus battlefield should be at least 12" per side multiplied by the number of gangs (for instance a 4 player game should be played on a battlefield that is at least 48'' x 48'').

Tactics Cards

Each player may choose 2 Tactics Cards from their Tactics Cards decks in the Pre-Battle Sequence before deployment and then shuffle their decks. Each time a gang successfully makes a Bottle test, they may draw a Tactics Card from their deck.


This scenario allows any one of the Underdog Options, of the Underdog player's choice.


In this scenario all gangs use Custom Selection to choose their gang's crew.


In the case of a two player battle the player with priority selects one of the board edges as their deployment zone; the opposite board edge is their opponent's deployment zone. In the case of more than two players, in priority order each player choses an unselected board edge as their deployment zone.


Each gang wants to chase off the opposing gang(s) to establish an undisputed claim on the territory. In campaign mode the winning gang gains Turf. In skirmish mode the last gang standing is the winner.

Ending the Battle

Bottle tests are made normally in this scenario. When the remaining Active and Pinned fighters on the battlefield all belong to the same gang the battle ends immediately.


The last gang remaining on the battlefield at the end of the battle is the winner if at least one of the gang's fighters was Active or Pinned at the end of the battle. If no Active or Pinned fighters remained on the battlefield at the end of the battle, the battle is a draw.

Rewards (Campaign Only)

Special: Gain Turf or Pillage

The winning gang may increase their Turf size by 1 (if their gang type allows them to) and roll a D6 (plus any modification, such as from a Dome Runner). If the result is a 5+ the gang gains a new Special Territory, otherwise the gang gains a basic Turf Territory.

Turf: The gang controls an area or resource within the underhive that allows the gang to take the Work the Turf Post-Battle Action. Having multiple Turf Territories provides a bonus to the outcome of that action.

Alternately, if the winning gang does not want Turf or cannot gain Turf, they can instead pillage the area. Roll a D6 and consult the below chart to see what they get.

The gang finds nothing of value. The player may choose to raze the area in retaliation, and if they do the gang gains 1 Reputation.
The gang gains D3+1 x 10 credits.
The gang finds D3 minor items; the player may choose item(s) from the Trading Post that are of common rarity with a combined value of 45 credits or less. The item(s) are added to the gang's Stash immediately.
The gang finds a hidden rare item; the player may choose an item from the Trading Post of any rarity that is worth 2D6 x 10 credits or less. The item is added to the gang's Stash immediately.


Standard XP for taking fighters Out of Action applies.

Each fighter who participated in the battle gains 1 XP.

If a gang is the winner, that gang's Leader gains 1 XP.


Each gang gains 1 Reputation for each of the opposing gangs that they have never fought a battle against.

Each gang gains 1 Reputation for each other gang that departed the battlefield before their own gang did.

If a gang bottled out before the end of the third round of battle, they lose 1 Reputation.


The basic template of this scenario can be modified, allowing for variants with slightly different stakes or different tactical options.