Beast: Tentacle Monster's Lair

Strange tentacled horrors can be found lurking in some liquidy areas of the underhive. They can be territorial and will attack any who come near their lair. A Tentacle Monster's Lair is represented by the Beast marker that comes with the Necromunda boxed set or an equivalent terrain item.

If a fighter starts or ends an action within 6'' of a Tentacle Monster's Lair, they risk rousing the beast. A fighter can only risk rousing the beast once during their activation. To see whether the beast is roused roll a D6, if the result is higher than the number of inches between the fighter and the marker or is a natural 6, the fighter is attacked by the reclusive creature.

A Tentacle Monster makes a a Strength 6, AP -2, Damage 3 attack with the Knockback trait (originating from the center of the Tentacle Monter's Lair marker) against the fighter.

A Tentacle Monster's Lair can be targetted by ranged attacks as if it were in full cover, and a fighter in base contact with the Tentacle Monster's Lair marker can make close combat attacks against it normally.

The Tentacle Monster's Lair marker has Toughness of 4 and 3 Wounds, and is removed from the battlefield if reduced to 0 Wounds. A fighter who inflicts the last Wound on a Tentacle Monster's Lair gains 1 XP.