Power Fist

Like all power weapons, Power Fists include a localized field generator that when activated sheathes the weapon in a lethal corona of disruptive energy. This energy field magnifies the kinetic energy of the weapon's attacks, bursting through flesh, bone, armor, and weapons unprotected by force field technology or some equivalent means of stopping the blow. These are deadly, intimidating weapons, and possession of one is not only advantaging in melee combat, but also a mark of status.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Melee: Attacks with this trait can be used during close combat without penalty.

Intimidating: Any fighter who must make a Nerve test due to a friendly fighter being taken Out of Action by an attack that has this trait suffers a -2 penalty to their Nerve test.

Knockback (Melee): After a hit made by an attack with this trait has been resolved, if the target was not taken Out of Action they may be involuntarily moved away from the direction of the attack. To resolve this, the attack has a Knockback Force equal to the attack's Strength + D3. Subtract the value indicated in the Knockback Resistance table below from that Knockback Force to determine the Knockback Distance (minimum 0).
Knockback Resistance
The Target Is...
Value To Subtract
another fighter
target's modified Strength + D3
an object that can be carried
using the Carry Object action
1 + D3
an object that can be carried using
the Carry Heavy Object action
4 + D3

If the Knockback Distance is 0 the target is unaffected by this trait. Otherwise, the target is involuntarily moved that many inches directly away from the direction of the attack. If the target is moved into an obstruction, the target stops moving and suffers a hit resolved with a Strength equal to the Knockback Distance, no AP, and 1 Damage; if the obstruction has Wounds, it also suffers an identical hit.

For instance, a Strength 3 attack with this trait can generate Knockback Force between 4 and 6, while the Knockback Resistance of a Strength 3 fighter is also between 4 and 6. Thus, depending on comparative dice rolls, that fighter might be entirely unaffected or might be moved back 1'' or 2'' if hit by that attack.

The 1'' rule does not apply to this involuntary movement. If a target fighter would end their movement within 1'' of one or more enemy fighters they are instead moved into base contact with the nearest enemy fighter(s).

At the end of resolving this trait, if the target is a fighter and they remain Active, that fighter becomes Pinned.

Push: If the attacker is not Ensnared and is not Engaged with another fighter, they may choose to move with the knocked back fighter, remaining in base contact and retaining relative positioning and facing.
Shove: If the attacker does not move with the knocked back fighter, the knocked back fighter becomes Pinned at their new location. This may require them to make an Initiative check to avoid falling.
Falling: A fighter will fall if they are moved off a ledge or over a pitfall. They may also fall if they become Pinned near a ledge and fail the subsequent Initiative check. If this occurs, first finish resolving the attack which knocked them back, then resolve falling damage only if the knocked back fighter remains on the battlefield.
Knockback (Melee): after failed save, KB a # of inches == (D6 + target's STR); directly away. If blocked, attack gains +1 DMG instead. Attacker can move with if able, otherwise target is Pinned. Target may fall, if applicable.

Power: The weapon is surrounded by a crackling power field. Attacks made by Power weapons cannot be parried except by weapons that have both the Power and Parry traits, energy based shields, or via the Parry Master skill. In addition, if the hit roll for a Power weapon is a 6, that hit automatically wounds.