Wargear: Wastes Hooch

Wastes Hooch is a catch-all term for various batches of cheap alcohol commonly available among the inhabitants of the Ash Wastes. When an Active or Pinned fighter with a flask of Wastes Hooch is activated, they may choose to delete Wastes Hooch from their fighter card immediately and take the following action:

Drink Wastes Hooch (Double): The following conditions are in effect for the remainder of the battle:
  • This fighter gains a +1 Toughness and a +1 bonus to all Cool and Willpower checks (including Nerve Tests).
  • This fighter suffers -1 Ballistics Skill and a -2 penalty to all Leadership and Intelligence checks.
  • When this fighter would be Pinned roll a D6; if the roll is even this fighter is not Pinned.
  • When this fighter would take the Stand Up action, roll a D6; if the roll is odd this fighter fails to Stand Up and instead loses their action.