Warp Pack

A warp pack is a miniature warp drive mechanism that allows a fighter to teleport. An Active fighter with a warp pack can make the following action:

Teleport (Basic): Place the fighter at any unobstructed point on the battlefield where their base entirely fits, then roll a D6 and a Scatter dice.

If the Scatter dice rolls a 'HIT' the fighter is at the point where they were placed, otherwise they are moved in the direction indicated by the Scatter arrow a number of inches equal to the outcome of the D6 roll.

If this would teleport the fighter into an obstacle, structure, barrier, or off a battlefield edge, move the fighter back towards their point they were placed until they can be placed with their base not overlapping any object or other fighter. If this would result in the fighter not moving at all, re-roll the scatter die to determine a new direction for the fighter to teleport.

If there is no possible location for the fighter to be placed they are lost to the warp; they immediately go Out of Action, are considered to be dead, and will be deleted from the gang Roster (taking all of their equipment with them) during the appropriate step of the Post-Battle Sequence.

The Warp Pack Scatter teleports a fighter horizontally from their intended destination point; if the fighter scatters to a place in open air they fall to the nearest surface beneath them. If a fighter teleports into base contact with one or more opposing fighters they Engage the fighter(s) automatically; they do not count as having charged the opposing fighter(s).