Shooter Upgrade (Cybermastiff)

This is a weapon unit that may be attached to a Cybermastiff when they are set up onto the battlefield, if this character is part of the gang's Crew for that battle. Additionally, an Active Cybermastiff with this attachment can make the following action:

Run and Gun (Double): This Cybermastiff makes a standard move, adding +D3'' to the distance they can move. At any point along the path of their movement, this Cybermastiff may make a single Ranged attack using this weapon upgrade.
Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Attachment: This weapon does not count against the fighter's maximum number of carried weapons. If the weapon has an Unattached profile, it may be unattached as a Basic action; while unattached the unattached profile is used. An unattached item can be reattached as a Basic action.

Rapid Fire (X): When firing with a Rapid Fire weapon, a successful hit roll scores a number of hits equal to the number of bullet holes on the Firepower dice. In addition the controlling player can roll more than one Firepower dice, up to the number shown in brackets (for example, when firing a Rapid Fire (2) weapon, up to two firepower dice can be rolled). Make an Ammo check for each Ammo symbol that is rolled. If any of them fail, the gun runs Out of Ammo. If two or more of them fail, the gun has jammed and cannot be used for the rest of the battle.

If a Rapid Fire weapon scores more than one hit, the hits can be split between multiple targets. The first must be allocated to the initial target, but the remainder can be allocated to other fighters within 3" of the first who are also within range and line of sight. These must not be any harder to hit than the original target...for example if a target in the open is hit, an obscured target cannot have hits allocated to it. Allocate all of the hits before making any wound rolls.

Rapid Fire also works in close combat when on a weapon that also has the Pistol trait.