Flamer Upgrade (Cybermastiff)

This is a weapon unit that may be attached to a Cybermastiff when they are set up onto the battlefield, if this character is part of the gang's Crew for that battle. Additionally, an Active Cybermastiff with this attachment can make the following action:

Run and Gun (Double): This Cybermastiff makes a standard move, adding +D3'' to the distance they can move. At any point along the path of their movement, this Cybermastiff may make a single Ranged attack using this weapon upgrade.
Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Attachment: This weapon does not count against the fighter's maximum number of carried weapons. If the weapon has an Unattached profile, it may be unattached as a Basic action; while unattached the unattached profile is used. An unattached item can be reattached as a Basic action.

Blaze: After an attack with the Blaze trait has been resolved roll a D6 if the target was hit but not taken Out of Action. On a 4, 5 or 6 the target catches fire; place a Blaze marker on their fighter card. At the end of each of their own activations a fighter who remains on fire suffers a Strength 3, AP -1 and if they are not prone the fighter becomes Broken and begins Running for Cover.

An Active fighter with a Blaze marker on their fighter card may make the Stop Drop and Roll (Double) action; if they do the fighter becomes Pinned (if they are not already prone); roll a D6 and add 1 to the result for each friendly Active fighter within 1''. On a 3+ the fire is extinguised; remove the Blaze token. On a 1 or 2 the fighter remains on fire and their activation ends.

Friendly fighters within 1'' of a fighter with a Blaze marker on their fighter card may make the Extinguish Blaze (Basic) action; if they do roll a D6. On a 1 is rolled the friendly fighter catches fire as well; place a Blaze token on their fighter card and their activation ends. On a 4+ the fire is extinguised; remove the Blaze token from the on fire fighter.

Template: An attack made with a Template weapon uses the Flame template to determine hits instead of rolling to hit. All targets (anything with a Wound characteristic) touched by the template are hit by the attack.