Group Activation

While normally only one fighter may be activated per turn, some fighters have the ability to initate a Group Activation, which allows more than one fighter to be activated. A player must select a Ready fighter who is able to initiate a Group Activation and then nominate all of the fighters who will be activated as part of the Group Activation before any of the fighters are activated. The player may then Activate the nominated fighters in any order; the fighter initiating the Group Activation does not have to act first. Each fighter's activation must be fully completed before the next fighter is activated.

Fighters who can initiate a Group Activation will have a Skill or ability which describes the radius within which other fighters must be in order for them to be activated in this way, how many additional fighters (i.e. not including themselves) the fighter can activate, and any restrictions that may apply such as what type of other fighters may be nominated if relevant.

Only one fighter may initiate a Group Activation per turn, so it is not possible to chain a series of Group Activations across multiple fighters able to initiate a Group Activation. Thus if a Cawdor Thane initiates a Group Activation and includes a Ganger and a Cawdor Deacon in their group, the Deacon cannot use their Group Activation ability to include one more fighter.