Though inhospitable, the Wastes and the Outlands are not devoid of life, nor is what life exists entirely savage or primitive. While Ash Waste Nomads, various mutants and beastmen such as Scavvies, and other technologically stunted tribes and bands are more common, a loose group of outlanders with a better appreciation for technology can be found.

Called Cogs, the organizing principle of these loosely allied bands rests on a shared tribal lore that they are surviving descendants of a centuries lost AdMech detachment who sought rumored STC technology upon Necromunda but were betrayed by the Van Saar and cast out of the hives to die.

Cog tribes and gangs value increasing their dwindling numbers by accepting and assimilating outsiders into their midst, rather unusually for the horrid, barren, unforgiving Wastes. Thus individual Cogs range from escaped Guilder slaves cybernetically enhanced to work or even to do battle in gladiatorial competition (so-called "pit slaves"), to miscellaneous groups of salvagers and survivors and hive exiles that were essentially adopted into the group, as well as multigenerational members who claim an AdMech lineage.

Other groups such as the Ash Waste Nomads tend to stick to the open and unforgiving dunes and flats of the Ash Wastes and ersatz camps that are within raiding distance of a caravan route, hab, or hive. Cogs on the other hand prefer to seek out and salvage whatever they can from ruins both above and below the wracked surface of the planet. Many Cog tribes and gangs also know of various routes that can be taken underground from one ruin to another, and sometimes travel from place to place like this in whole or part. But they must be careful, for such ruins and underground passages are not always abandoned...

Cog tribes and gangs also tend to visit various Outland locations periodically, and some even go so far as to make occasional trading forays into the marginalia of some hive cities, eager to sell off any salvage they have no other use for, buy up various resources that are scarce or nonexistent in the Wastes, and to sometimes collect underhive strays willing to join their band for a chance to escape hive bound existence.

Gang Composition

A Cogs gang must follow these rules when it is founded, and when new fighters are added to the gang.

  • There must be one Leader. If the Leader is killed a new Leader will replace them from among the gang's fighters, if any are eligible. If there are no one eligible to become the new Leader the gang disbands.
  • There can be no more than one Tech Cog, and no more than two Killer Cogs plus one for every full 10 Reputation the gang gains. If the gang loses Reputation, they may retain the Champions they already have on their roster.
  • A fighter may be equipped with a maximum of three weapons. Weapons with the Unweildy trait take up the space of two weapons.
  • A fighter allowed Armor may be equipped with no more than one kind of Armor.
  • A fighter allowed Grenades may be equipped with no more than two different kinds of Grenades.
  • A fighter allowed Wargear can carry any amount of Wargear.
  • Cogs cannot hire Hired Guns of any kind.
  • Cogs cannot gain Savant Skills.


A starting Cogs gang is made up of the following types of fighters.


Every Cog gang has one Leader. If the Leader is killed a new Leader will replace them from among the gang's fighters, if any are eligible.

Boss Cog (1)
175 credits

A Boss Cog is the most experienced and generally capable member of a Cog tribe or gang, by necessity pragmatic with razor honed decision making when it comes to survival of their people. Resources are scarce in the Wastes and Cogs by their nature don't like to squander anything, husbanding their meager resources carefully, recycling and reusing everything they possibly can. Thus while Cogs are preoccupied with tech a competent Boss Cog knows that their people are their most critical resource, and collects, protects, and wrings all possible value thereof.


A starting Cog gang can have up to one Tech Cog. If a Tech Cog dies they cannot be replaced; if a Tech Cog is retired they cannot be rehired later. If the gang does not currently have a Tech Cog but has one or more Scrap Cogs the controlling player may choose one of their Scrap Cogs to promote to become a Tech Cog. Cog gangs should strongly consider starting with a Tech Cog in campaign play, but in skirmish play a Tech Cog is not that essential.

A starting Cog gang can have up to two Killer Cogs. During campaign play, as the gang gains Reputation additional Killer Cog slots will become available; new Killer Cogs can be hired directly or you can promote Specialists or Prospects to fill the available Killer Cog slots.

Tech Cog (0-1)
155 credits

Tech Cogs are the heart of a Cog tribe, keepers of the lore, restorers of salvaged tech, and cybernetic wizards resonsible for arming and upgrading their people. A Cog gang lucky enough to have a Tech Cog will protect them at virtually any cost, and Cog gangs without one tend to not survive for long or get reassimilated by a larger tribe or gang that did a better job of protecting their Tech Cog.

Killer Cog (0-2); + 1 per 10 Reputation (rounded down)
125 credits

Killer Cogs are the elite warriors of a Cog tribe or gang, having established their stature and earned their place of privelege amongst their fellow Cogs. Unlike some other groups that wander the Wastes, the Cogs tend to respect hierarchy and value stable leadership; thus Killer Cogs generally serve their Boss well and ably without undue ambition or dreams of seizing power or regicide. Many other folk of the Wastes have learned the hard way to give these dangerous Cogs a wide berth.

Gang Fighters

The backbone of any Cog gang is made up of Prospects, Specialists, Gangers, and Juves. In campaign play an important consideration is that Gangers and Juves are more economical but Advance as Henchmen while Specialists and Prospects Advance as Heroes. Each type of fighter offers pros and cons, and cater to different play styles and strategies.

Scrap Cog (0-2)
75 credits

Scrap Cogs are assistants to a Tech Cog if one is in the gang, otherwise they do the best they can to fill in. Additionally, a Scrap Cog can be promoted to become a Tech Cog if necessary.

Pit Cog (0-3)
75 credits

Pit Cogs are heavily chromed close combat specialists, very often featuring a cybernetic weapon arm of some kind, or some other significant bit of cyber that has a hand to hand application. Many are escaped pit fighters, but others are mine workers fitted (often against their will) with hammer or drill or buzzsaw arms that also serve ably as fearsome weapons, and a few are homegrown Cogs who displayed close combat prowess and were upgraded by a Tech Cog with similar offensive kit.

Geared Cog (0-1); + unlimited via Promotion
60 credits

Geared Cogs are up and comers within their tribe or gang, having proved themselves and made their bones. They typically have been rewarded with at least one impressive cybernetic item or fancy weapon as a sign of their relative status.

Warrior Cog (unlimited)
50 credits

Warrior Cogs are the established members of a Cog tribe or gang, able soldiers and workers upon whom most of the drudge work and fighting necessary for survival in the unforgiving Ash Wastes falls.

Survivor Cog (0-5)
10 credits

Survivor Cogs are human detritus; some are escaped Guilder slaves, others were cast out of a hive and by sheer luck or grit managed to fall in with a Cog tribe before dying to one of the many hazards of the Ash Wastes, others are just the youth of an established group of Cogs entering what passes for adulthood in such harsh conditions. The very few who persevere may rise within their tribe, the rest will falter and die.


A Cog gang can hire up to one (1) Servitor per three (3) Gang Fighters on the gang's roster. They count as Gangers for purposes of Gang Composition, are quite durable due to being partially robotic, and can carry quite a lot of gear. However Servitors do not gain experience, and thus never get any better.

Servitor Cog (0); + 1 per 3 Gang Fighters (rounded down)
25 credits

Servitor Cogs are generally mindless semi-organic robots, possessing only the most basic of instincts, though some are fully capable of speech if such functions and knowledge are programmed into them. Servitor Cog brains are programmed to perform only the tasks they are designed for; their altered and fragmented minds function poorly unless constantly supervised and told what to do. Fitted with a variety of cybernetic devices (including in some cases mounted heavy weaponry), each Servitor is custom built with the right gear to do a particular job.

Tactics Cards

A Cogs gang may select Tactics Cards from the Cogs Tactics Cards list by default, though campaign and / or scenario specific guidelines may modify this.


A Cogs gang is available on a case by case basis depending upon the type of campaign. Consult the Arbitrator or campaign write up to determine if a player may run a Cogs gang and what restrictions, exceptions, or guidelines might apply.

If a Cogs gang is allowed in a type of campaign, in addition to any other campaign specific rules that may apply to them the following requirements and restrictions apply and must be adhered to.


The Injury rules are slightly modified for a Cogs gang. If a Cog fighter suffers a Critical Injury, roll on the following table instead of the standard Critical Injury table.

Survivor Critical Injury Table

Roll a D6 and subtract the fighter's Wounds characteristic (not their current Wounds), then consult the table below with the total:

0 or less
Grievous Injury: The fighter goes into Recovery.
Permanent Injury: The fighter goes into Recovery and suffers a permanent injury. Roll again on the Permanent Injury table.
Memorable Death: The fighter is killed instantly. If the injury was caused by an attack, the attacker gains an additional 1 XP.

Trading Post

In some campaigns, Cogs are not able to visit the Trading Post due to narrative reasons. However, in campaigns where they are able to visit the Trading Post a Cogs gang treats the rarity of all Rare items as being two (2) higher than the listed value.